IGYRO SAT showing inactive

  • Richard

    Having problems with igyrosat on my core. The first part of moving tail etc is fine. Getting sticks to register is a problem, I have done this many times and yesterday with Dave Wilshere. We thought we had resolved it by setting the throw to 100% but it registered a red DONE but worked. However when re booted at home all settings lost. Then re set as your video online . First section okay white DONE then without touching anything more gyro works but stick section shows inactive. Reboot and gyro works but now both panels show inactive !

    I have re installed software which was already 2.7 and the same thing occurs. It shows Done now in white when the process is finished but when the tx and rx are switched off and then on after 2 minutes it shows inactive BUT works fine. I am using a setting when finished of 35% for all surfaces at 100% ATV on the right hand knob but on a curve from 0-+100% and have removed the B side of 0 to - 100% after the all setting up with a 200% throw for easy set up. This has also been the experience with a second and third rx and new gyro sat units. In other words all three.

    Is it safe to use this when it says INACTIVE and apparently works ?

    I am sending video to your address