Powerbox Royal SRS with Futaba 18mz setup

  • Hello,

    I have read through the forums as well as the instruction book for the Royal SRS and wanted to confirm my understanding of the setup for my Futaba setup using two futaba 7014 receivers since it has been a long time since I used a powerbox. I am not sure what software I have since I have not powered the powerbox up yet. The signal controller serial number is 303118 and display controller serial is 304254

    1. Receiver SB/DG2 port should be set to Sbus and connection from receiver to Powerbox must utilize this channel? I cannot use the SBus2 port for powerbox connection if I wanted to use DG2?

    2. Futaba shows 3 modes for speed on the receiver (FASSTest, FAAST normal, and FAAST high speed) Will the Faastest work or must I change it to FAAST normal?

    3. All servos go into powerbox, no servos go directly into receiver regardless of what they are used for? For example if I have a separate door sequencer can that be plugged in directly to receiver?

    4. If I have already set all the servos endpoints and throws in the radio I can select the direct option for 1-18 in the powerbox. How do I utilize the igyro function if I set all the powerbox channels as "direct"? I have 2 aileron servos, 2 elevator servos, and a rudder all on separate channels that I would like to have gyro for.

    With this setup using two batteries, I would have battery and receiver redundancy correct?

  • Hello,

    1. Yes- S.BUS, not S.BUS2

    2. You bind it with Fasstest 18ch

    3. Everything goes into the Royal. The receiver wires are fused, so if you draw more than 500mA, the fuse will turn off the power

    4. It´s correct to set all throws in the radio, but you have to teach the gyro with the Assistant (easist method) and connect the servos to the Gyro outputs. With 2Ail, 2Elev, One rudder you can set this channels in the radio.

    5. Yes- this is a battery and receiver redundand system

  • Thank you Richard! Two more questions:

    1. When selecting the powerbox gyro functions GY Aileron A and B, GY Elevator A and B, and GY Rudder A for those 5 servos each on a separate channel, will the throws and endpoints still be direct from the TX similar like "direct" mode? If not is there a way to have the servos set from the radio and also use gyro mode from powerbox?

    2. On futaba since the SB/DG2 receiver channel is used for the powerbox connection does that mean we only have 17 total channels? 1-16 proportional and DG1 as channel 17?

  • I set the gyro up using the setup assistant. Is it possible to change the gyro 3 position switch without doing the entire assitant again? Also after completing the first phase of the assistant the gyro seems to be off, is that correct? Will the gyro only show movement/ function once the plane is initially flown and the gains are added through the second phase of the setup assitant?

  • I reassigned the gyro switch and am able to see the different gyro functions go from 1-3 flightmodes. But I did not see a place to assign the slider or knob switch for the gyro. Do I only assign one channel to the gyro and the "trim" on that same channel is set to a knob or slider? Or do I actually assign two separate channels for the gyro. If there are two channels where in the powerbox settings do I assign the slider/knob?

    Also prior to flying how do I confirm the direction of effect of the gyro to make sure each channel is normal or reverse for gyro function?

  • Hi Richard,

    I just built another plane and was setting up the Royal SRS the same way as you told me last time. However this time I am having an issue with the igyro basic setup assistant. When I get to the point in the setup where it says "raise or lower tail" no matter what I do the bar does not move. So then if I "swing" the tail the bar moves. But then the next step is to "swing" the tail so I ended up swinging the tail twice for it to calibrate but then the gyro orientation is not correct because when I raise or lower the tail the ailerons move instead of the elevators. The igyro is mounted perpendicular to the centerline of the plane. Can one of the accelerometers be faulty or am I doing something wrong? Please assist thank you for your help.