Pioneer - question related to 9 x CH input mapping

  • I have a fairly large model with multiple servos per aileron and I assign separate channels to each. Can I use the input mapping of the Pioneer in the following way?

    ail1 = ch1, ail 2 = ch2, ail3 = ch3, ail4 = ch4, elevator1 = ch5, elevator2 = ch6, rudder1 = ch7 and rudder2 = 8, and configure the left wing panel channels as a group ( ch1 and 2) and the right wing panel channels as a group (ch3 and 4) and have the two sides work independent of each other but together as a panel? In other words, the gyro will use the corresponding channel groups when correcting. Similarly, the elevator and the rudder would be 2 additional panels the gyro would treat as a channel group for the second and third axis.

    Does that make sense? Obviously I would use different channel numbers, I picked a incrementing sequence of numbers to try and explain what I am doing. Not sure If I am explaining this correctly, I hope it is clear. If so, this is a feature which has been lacking outside of the Royal and it would be AWESOME! Let me know.

  • Hello,

    this is what the Pioneer cannot do: Servomatching or combining groups. As you have 3 Aileron Gyro outputs- with 4 servo it doesn´t work.

    The Mercury or Competition SRS have this feature