Servo match vs separate channels - PB Professional

  • Hi,

    I'm new to Powerbox, setting up my first model with a PB Professional so I have a newbie question!

    My model has 2 aileron servos (1 per wing) and 2 elevator servos (1 per stab).

    For each (so ailerons and elevators), is it preferable to set this up by having both servos as 2 outputs on the same channel (and so using the servo match function) or, to have each servo on a separate channel?

    I understand that the servo match function is usually for when the model has more than one servo per surface. I'm just not sure whether it should also be used to ensure both stabs move the same amount, or if this is best done via the transmitter with the servos on their own dedicated channels.

    Thanks in advance,