Using SAT + Mercury

  • I am in the process of setting up my 1st plane with Thrust Vectoring-a Elite Aerosports Wraith. I know there are many different set ups, and I have multiple offers for help in getting set up-and each person has their hardware a bit different from each other. The Wraith has full span ailerons, full flying stabs, and 2 servos for the thrust vector controls. I am not using any PB Bus connections-all individual servos plugged into either the Mercury or Royal.

    I have both Mercury and Royal Powerbox hardware, and also have a SAT.

    I would like to understand a bit more on some of the options people are suggesting and reasons for certain configurations. my questions are:

    1.Is there any advantage for using the Royal compared to the Mercury for a thrust vectoring aircraft?

    2. Some people are putting 2 separate gyros on their airplanes, one for the plane and one dedicated to the thrust vector controls. What is the benefit?

    3. can you fly a thrust vector control aircraft with only one gyro? what is the advantage or disadvantage?

    4. can you use a PowerBox SAT in addition to the internal gyro with the Royal? Advantage or disadvantage?

    5. can you use a PowerBox SAT in addition to the internal gyro with the Mercury? Advantage or disadvantage?

    I know, a lot of questions. I just tried to lay out my component board with PowerBox 2 2S 5000 batteries and a 3S 2500 battery for the ECU and dont know where i would put the 2S 2500 battery for the landing gear + the Royal display + the gear controller. i'm sure there is something basic i am not getting, but....I dont know what it is!

    Thanks Richard and others for your helpful comments.

    Best Regards


  • Hello Joe,

    1. For this plane you can use both. The Royal would have one advantage: RX1 has priority in this, so any receiver connected to RX1 can handle additional an iGyro Sat for example if you need Ailerons&Flaps + Tailerons.

    2. No benefit, just normal standalone gyros run out of gyro channels for vector+Tailerons+Ailerons

    3. Yes- the Royal can handle the whole plane. Onle if you want flaps + Aileron gyro the Royal fades out the ailerons when the flaps go down. For this the iGyro Sat can do the job as it detectecs the ailerons/flap mix.

    4. Yes

    5. No - no RX priority

    6. Take the power for the landing gear from the Royal