Connecting bluecom to Spark switch pro

  • Hello,

    I have the sparkswitch pro installed with all relevant connections correct. I cannot connect the spark switch with the bluecom. I have the receiver turned on so have power to the unit and have the data output connected to the bluecom. What am I doing wrong?

  • Thankyou Richard, that worked perfectly.

    I now can’t get any telemetary from the spark switch pro. My setup uses a Powerbox Pioneer with 2 Jeti Rsat2 receivers in Exbus and ppm+, failsafe turned off and at 10m/s. (They are both on the current firmware update) I have both patch leads from the receivers from the Ext port and the system works fine. If I Y lead the smart switch telemetary lead into the receiver at the Ext port the system works but the servos become extremely erratic.

    Any input would be appreciated thankyou.

  • Hello Richard,

    I still don’t understand. If I make receiver output say number 14 Jetibox and plug the data lead from SSPro into it nothing happens. If I go into the applications menu and open up Jetibox I can get the Pioneer settings but no SSPro.

    I really need a more detailed explanation please.

  • Richard another thing in the Jetibox menu the Pioneer is not showing anywhere to set failsafe. I’m only getting frame rate, channels and gyro reset but no failsafe.

    Regarding any other telemetary devices, where are they plugged into the pioneer?.

    Both receivers will only work from the Ext port so I can’t put any sensors into the receivers.

  • Hello,

    you should read a little more your Jeti manuals, I cannot explain Jeti basics here - there is a JetiForum or support I guess:

    a) JetiBox is the older telemetry device bus. Not sure if your receiver can handle JetiBox telemetry on output 14, I don´t think so

    b) The Pioneer is connected to EX-BUS ports of the receiver, this is the newer telemetry bus. EX-BUS (all Jeti telemtry) ports can handle only ONE sensor on one receiver input/output. The Pioneer IS a "Sensor" in that case so you cannot connect any other sensors here. Use other inputs/outputs from the receiver for this

    c) There must be a failsafe screen in the Pioneer JetiBox Menu

    jeti is extremely confusing with their naming: EX-bUS, JetiBox bus, jeti Box menu, Devicemanager... but please ask their support.

  • Thankyou Richard,

    I think the basic problem is I am trying to use 2 RSat receivers which have only 1 ext port whereas I think I can use 1 Rsat but will need a Rex receiver that can have addition Exbus outputs. Hopefully this works if not I’ll buy a Core radio!

    I agree with the Jeti confusing terms.

    The Jeti radio doesn’t show Pioneer failsafe in the Jetibox menu but the Bluecom adapter will. So I’ll set it via the Bluecom. Pioneer is version2

    Thankyou for your help and patience.