Some questions about MLINK/CORE that I cant find answers for.

  • Some questions about MLINK/CORE that I cant find answers for.

    1: The full meaning of some symbols in screen, what triggers them and so on.

    Antenna symbols (only appears with Telemetri RX)?

    The compass Arrow (maybe from the GPS ?)

    Is there anyone showing that the TX is transmitting signals?

    2. How many Sensor channels is there more than the 15 (16) in MPX MLINK normally?

    3. The max limit of travel in MPX normally is +/-110% (Default Travel limit is +/-100%) corresponding to about 895 µs to 2100 µs with center at 1500 µs.

    In CORE the max limit is 200% Default Limit setting is 150 % and default Travel limit is 50%

    What µs numbers do this corresponds to and is there some differences between MPX and CORE in how its working?

    Is +/-150% same as +/-110% in MPX? If I change to +/-200 doesn’t change my max travel in the servo, why?

    Maybe silly questions but Its easier to translate numbers between MPX and CORE if you know how its working and the design of the system.

    Got the TX some days ago, did update to 2.20 via Wifi.. perfect. In progress with converting all model memories to CORE TX.

    /Lennart (sorry for the bad spelling and english)

  • Hello,

    All Yes. The radio is always transmitting if a receievr was bound

    2. With M-Link: only 16 sensors - like all M-link radios

    3. The Core goes from -200 to +200%, which means 500µs to 2500µs. There is no Core/m-link conversion possible. Just note your travel on the surfaces and make them the same with the Core

  • why should a conversion not be possible?

    we have

    MPX +/-110% corresponding to about 900 µs to 2100 µs and

    Core goes from -200 to +200%, which means 500µs to 2500µs

    So conversion is easy or do I miss something??

  • Thanks for the answers Richard. Have to get some more small things clarified.

    1. The antenna signal symbol only appears when there is some form of feedback from RX in form of telemetri. RX with no telemetri shows no signal but is still bound, so the symbols is telling us that some form of telemetri is going on ?.

    GPS, found in manual that there is gps in the TX for future use and that explain the compass arrow. Right?

    3. If I connect MPX RX and servo and set Max limit and travel to 150 I get the same travel as from a MPX TX. If I change to 200 The travel of the servo is not increasing. Why?

    Its not the servo because I can get more travel via servotester.

    Just trying to understand some more of the CORE.

    And thanks again for the fast answers, not used to that kind of support before.

    / Lennart

  • Thanks again. Perfect.

    I thought it was something about the possibility to use offset trim that increase the travel end and that is not an option in MPX. The trim does not extend the travel in neither way.

    Always works as center except for throttle were you have options for low,center,high.

    I think all those things is nice to know for us MPX nerds that "converting" our brain to new systems.

    And sorry to say there isn't much help so far from MULTIPLEX TECHNIK-FORUM.

    Thanks again.


  • Hello, i think i will nearly by a core ( Core - Multiplex ).

    Can you just confirm that: if Multiplex receiver - Mlink 1 single transmission - If Core receiver - 2 emissions? Correct ?

  • Hi Guys,

    as I´m also currently transferring some models from MPX ProfiTX to CORE and made some measurements today with the following results:

    MPX ProfiTX:

    min: -110% = 895us

    middle: 0% = 1500us

    max: 110% = 2105us

    CORE with M-LINK receiver:

    min: -120% = 895us

    middle: 0% = 1500us

    max: 120% = 2105us

    Therefore the transfer of values from ProfiTX to CORE is very simple: Use the MPX percentage and multiply it by 12/11 and the result is fine for the CORE.

    I measured also with a PBS receiver but for less than -178% or more than 178% there was no change anymore. Therefore I was not able to achieve down to 500us or up to 2500us as mentioned by Richard. Maybe another frame rate or similar would change that (I´m a CORE beginner and this was the first time to bind a PBS receiver).

    CORE with PBR-9D:

    min: -178% = 600us

    middle: 0% = 1500us

    max: 178% = 2400us

    The measurements were done with the pulse width input of the SM Unitest2. I don´t know how accurate they are as I never made a comparison with a professional counter but up to now the measured percentages of it were always very similar like shown on my transmitters. Therefore I assume, it is accurate within a few percent.

    I made a small Excel sheet for simple calculations (see I hope that will help someone.

    Best regards


  • Typhoon-Speeder


    I just found your post. I am in the process of moving my models form PTX to Core. Therefore, this is very helpful. I just have one question:

    If my PTX shows for example 80% for Rudder as a maximum in the Servo-Monitor, then i have to have 80% x 1.0909 = ca. 88% on the Core servo monitor (with a Multiplex receiver)?

    With a PBX receiver it would be about the same value as with the Multiplex receiver?

    Thanks for a short confirmation (or correction ;-)


  • Hi Hans-Peter,

    confirmed with a very small change, probably a rounding error: It´s 80% X 12/11 = 87%. For a PBS receiver it is the same (just with the possibility to go to much higher valuesin both directions).

    Best regards


  • Just as an Info:

    I tested the conversion from Multiplex Profi TX to the Core based on the calculation provided by @Typhoon-Speeder following this process:

    1. I created an excel file with all the fields needed for my Multiplex Funray (Center, max, min and so on for every function)
    2. I transferred all the values from the PTX Servo monitor to the Excel-file. Including Values for Dualrate and Expo. Leave the PTX settings (e.g. Trim) as they are.
    3. In Excel, i calculated the Core-Values based on the 12/11 rule defined by @Typhoon-Speeder. I rounded all the values because the Core only allows whole numbers. Of course, i did not change the values for expo or dualrate
    4. I transferred the calculated values to the Core.
    5. Binding the Multiplex-receiver to the core. Test the servo direction and all the functions.
    6. Go flying --> Works as expected.

    Fine-Tuning will be done later.

    This process worked for my Funray. I will try it with my other planes too.

    If you also try it out, its at your own risk.

    Kind regards