Change telemetry Slot for Powerbox Champion SRS

  • Hi ,

    Futaba 18SZ released a new firmware to move the Jetcat Telemetry to another slot other than Slot 8. I am using Futaba system with Powerbox Champion SRS and Kingtech K45 on my Model , but for telemetry limited to use the Powerbox telemetry on Slot 8 only. What this means is i can either have Powerbox telemetry or have Kingtech on the same Slot ( Slot 8). I am looking to get a solution to have Powerbox telemetry to show up in the later slots.
    It seems that Powerbox Champion Only display telemetry data from Slot 8. Is there anyway to change the Slot on the Champion SRS like some of the other powerbox products to a different slot ?
    If yes how to do it ?