Mercury srs 2 ea receiver and channel number of each receiver

  • I am new in Mercury srs and need info about;

    1- What is the differences using 2 ea 6 chnl receiver or 2 ea 8 chnl receiver on Mercury srs?If I use 1 ea 6 chnl receiver am I going to have 15 chnl output as well?

    2- Using only 1 dmss receiver is disadvantage rather then 2?

    I will be using JR Dmss radio and dmss receivers , checked all forum pages and could not find any info


  • Mr Deutsch as I understand from your reply that there is no differences using 6 chnl or 8 chnl receiver on mrcury srs.

    Let me repeat again; what about 2 ea dmss receiver usage advantage? Should I use 2 rcvr rather than 1 for the redundancy?

    Thks for your reply

  • Hi again,

    My system is;

    Jrdfa 14X4 radio

    2 ea jr dfa RG613BX dmss receiver so;

    I have setup/bind 2 receiver first my TX as instructed and when power the mercury srs I can see 2 receiver OK .

    Under the general settings I have set up to JR XBUSS set all ok closed and opened both mercury srs and my TX , as said can see both receivers OK on the mercury screen , set the mercury and tx as NORMAL , according to the manual on normal aircraft position Aileron A should be on A (Mercury) Aileron B should be on M on mercury etc etc.

    Connected the servos on A and M and all other marks but none of them working.

    What is wrong or what am I doing wrong???

    thks for patience

  • I am not familiar with electronic and software set ups, getting learn. Mostly done but can you tell me how to divide aileron and elevator channels? they both set one chnl.

    Also how to assign a channel for smoke pump or kill switch etc?

    can I adjust the servo travels from PB Mercury?If yes describe please?

    Thks a lot from now on

  • Hello,

    I don´t understand your first question - but the assistant will do it for you.

    Once this is done you can go into the output mapping and assing a "Direkt" channel for your smokepump to a free output

    Adjust the servotravels in your radio

  • Hi Richard my first question was, both ailerons were automatically assigned lets say chnl2 and elevators also assigned to chnl3 when I try to travels from my radio they both moves same, I mean when I try to adjust the travels I need 2 seperate channels for ailerons and elevators. I hope I explained.