Piooner Not connect from bluecom

  • Hi Richard

    I have problems connecting to the Pionner via Bluecomm

    1) Bluecomm is detected

    2) I can choose the pioneer in the menu

    but after that the screen remains black and I cannot configure

    I have video and photo with the tests

    I can connect via bluecom in my igyro SRS and go to update it, No problem

    the problem is not in bluecom

    I try

    1) test with two different android phone models Samsung and xiaomi both with version 10 or higher of android

    2) I have the latest version of powerbox mobile terminal 3.31

    please help me?

  • Hello,

    seems in the latest release something went wrong and can't open Pioneer.

    I will fix it, so far I do not know what's happened but after clicking to Pioneer is screen black.

    Another device with the same communication protocol - GPS III is working normally, properly.

    Need to find out what happened, and afterward will fix it. The app 3.31, not downloaded from Google Store, but directly deployed from Development studio to phone, is working properly for all devices including Pioneer.

    today will fix it.



  • I'm really so sad and confused. In last 4 weeks it is second case.

    Here is the App working directly as was released:

    not needed to paste here the App downloaded from Store, you already pasted the black screen in your post.

    Something went wrong on Google side. Rerelease will help us. I will do it, and really I'm so sorry, we are testing all devices always before releasing, all devices because small change in the code can cause big side effects, and now we released big changes, for Android 10/11.

    Really so sorry :-(

    will start rerelease right now. Tomorrow will be available version 3.32.

    thanks for understanding and again, so sorry


  • Hi

    if I downloaded the app v 3.32 and now I can connect to my pioneer

    however I have problems with the configuration of:

    teach mounting position

    teach stick point endings

    the app is frozen, not only does it not continue with the flow but it also does not allow to go to the previous menu

    I've been closing more than 10 times, I've tried to configure without success

    Are you sure that the APP works correctly?

    Do you want to share the APK file with me so I can test it directly?

    So we see if the problem is really the google play store

    I understand that then I have to download from the Play Store

    now it's just for testing

  • app is not frozen, please do initial settings of channels as is mentioned in hints. First of all, you have to initialize all channels to gyro, elevator, rudder and aileron. Afterward you can continue with mounting position.

    On the picture in my previous post you can see the initial page for Pioneer, and there are assigned all used channels.

    If you need to explain it in details, I can create short video for you and other users.

    Ah, and last comment, when is app requesting click to stick, then please click to the given image with control stick, you have to hold the end position on transmitter and click to stick in app.

    :-) And really last edit with comment, in case of setup of mounting position, you need to have connected iGyro sat to Pioneer, the middle connector between RX1 an RX2.

    I hope, that not forgot something.

  • Ha okok

    I have configured like this , okay?

    Even so, in the next configuration screen I cannot advance

    yes the igyro sat is connected correct polarity and on fastrack port

    sorry, please have a video?


  • Hello,

    created a short video, to demonstrate how the setup of the mounting position should be done.

    Please, be sure, that:

    1. iGyro Sat connected

    2. All appropriate channels assigned, and of course, properly assigned to TX

    Sorry for the poor quality, it's a 'hurry' video in not cleaned living room :-) The wife was not happy.

    Tomorrow I will create video with full setup, right steps, troubleshooting for Android and iOS. Need daily light and little bit more time.

  • Right now I released 3.33 with sound confirmation of changes in end positions. For setup it is much better. Please download 3.33 tomorrow morning.

    As I mentioned, I'm working on setup video, tomorrow during the day will be completed.

  • Hallo Rudolf, so wie bei Jonathan sieht das bei mir auch aus. Nach verbinden mit Bluetooth und betätigen des Pioneer Button gibt es ein Black screen, um dort herauszukommen muss die App beendet werden.

    Gruß Ulrich

  • Hi Rudi

    Play Store or App Store? How to update the Store? I search for „Mobile Terminal“ and found only 3.30?

    I thought there are always the same Version for Android and IOS?

    Regards Rainer

  • Oh in this thread we are speaking about android App, not iOS! Yes, iOS is 3.30, Android is 3.35, because we did couple of new releases only for Android App :-)

    And now, released the iOS App 3.35 as well, availability expecting on end of the week. All new functionalities used in Android, mainly the new threshold for communication, and new update/rescue mode.