Powerbox Core F3J sailplane programing

  • I wish Powerbox Core would post some videos in English on Youtube on how to program for F3J sailplanes.
    I would like videos on the following:

    1. How to program so when you lower the flaps using a a stick, not a switch, so the elevator goes down progressively as you move the flap stick down so the sailplane won't balloon up. I've screwed with this for weeks and can't figure it out.

    2. How to program flaps coupled to the ailerons for right and left turns. I've got them coupled but when I move the stick to the extreme position, the flaps suddenly starts moving in the opposite direction.

    3. A video on how to program the curve functions. I have been using a Jeti DS16 and now a DS24 and their curves are easy to set but the Powerbox curves have me stumped. When I was able to finally couple the rudder to my ailerons, the programming mix looked like a V in the display.