Wing Type = Delta x 2 Question

  • I have V19 on my new iGyro and I am setting up my older Eurosport (not 3D version).

    1) Can someone tell me when Wing Type = Delta x 2 is used?

    2) I am planning on setting Wing Type = Delta then using Aileron-A and Elevator-A for the elevon servos. Then plugging my canard servo into Elevator-B (mapped to elevator stick in 14MZ). Is this a standard setup for a delta with a canard?


    Nick Yuhasz
    Amherst, Ohio USA

  • Thanks, Richard.

    One additional question: Can the Flight Assistant be used to set the gains for a Delta with Canard in flight if I skip the Setup Assistant and use the normal setup menu items on the iGyro?

    I would prefer to set the gains during 1 flight versus 6 flights.



  • Hello,
    I recommend following:
    1. Deactivate the Canard function in the transmitter
    2. Use the setup assistent to teach all channels and directions
    3. Make one flight with testfly assistant and adjust delta and rudder.
    4. When done activate canard and activate the slider to Elevator B . Now you do a second flight and adust the canard manually without assistant.
    5. Deactivate the slider