iGyro Sat does not store the changes at "Fine Tuning"

  • Hello, I have a problem in the settings of my iGyro Sat.

    Both the PB Core and the PBR-7S receiver as well as the GPS II are updated to the latest software version available.

    After having performed the test flight to try the right Gain, I apply the corrections to the "fine tuning" of the various Channels. They appear correctly on the display, but if I turn off the receiver (I wait 10 or 15 seconds before turning it off as indicated in the forum) and turn it back on, the settings return to default. Both the information of the Gain and the "Attitude Assistant" active or inactive on the various channels are lost.

    I specify that I have not touched the "Reset Gyro" button.

    Precise during the "Gyro Setup" a strange behavior appears that I have not seen described in the forum: after defining the "Mounting Position", while I execute the "Teach Stick Endpoint" all the servos oscillate to the end of their travel, as if they were crazy then when I finish the "Teach Done" they stop in the correct position.

    Why does "Fine Tuning" lose the changes?


  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks You very much for the answer.

    I've tried and it works!

    After making the last change I wait without touching anything, after about 12 seconds the receiver flashes red and the radio signal is lost for an instant. At that moment the storage is successful and at the next restart all settings are correct.

    Great product, excellent customer support!

    Greetings, Andrea