iGyro 3e in Delta Mode

  • hi, guys,

    I have selected iGyro 3e to function as Delta, So the inputs and outputs are on Ail A and Ail B.

    The response from Tx is perfect for the two wing servos that are on a Delta wing. In the Tx, Delta has also been selected, with Rx outputs at Ail 1 and Ail 2.

    However, when the gyro is moved in Pitch, it corrects only the servo on Ail A, the Ail B servo does not move.

    in the Roll axis, both the Ail A and Ail B servos move to correct the roll.

    So in Pitch, why does Ail B not move to correct.

    When the gyro was connected to PC, it requested for upgrade, so the gyro was upgraded at the very start yesterday.

    on the Tx, i have not added any corrections to end points or expo etc or any thing,

    The radio is Jeti DS16 G2.

    Then i made a new model in Tx, with 2 Ail servos, and 2 Ele servos as a normal model.

    Changed the Gyro to Normal.

    and now in Pitch and Roll, all 4 servos work perfect, So Gyro outputs of Ail A, B, Ele A, B, all respond to gyro corrections,

    So it there a BUG when gyro on Delta mode.

    this link is for Delta Mode showing the problem

    this link is for Normal Mode and all outputs work normal

    Regard, and happy landings.