Source won't connect in Mobile Terminal

  • Greetings from the US,

    I'm currently having a problem with the Powerbox source. I'm trying to connect/pair it to Mobile terminal to program telemetry type and raise output voltage for my 72" UPF-7. When I plug everything in (receiver is not plugged in at this time), the Bluecom pairs, device is on, etc, but I cannot select the Source in the menu in Mobile Terminal (I can press it but it doesn't bring up any menus). I tried shutting everything off, refreshing the app, etc to no avail. What's funny is I accidentally clicked on Pioneer, and it pulled the menu up like it was linking fine (this was after numerous attempts to connect, including waiting about 5 minutes). Is this a bug in Mobile Terminal, something wrong with the Bluecom (I've had it for about 3 years), or something amiss in the Source? Thank you.


    p.s. I am unsure what software version is on the Source, as I just got it about 2 weeks ago, and haven't been able to check that. Mobile Terminal version is 3.30, and IOS 14.1

  • Hi Josh,

    unfortunately, the housing of the Data connector is in the opposite way on Source, therefore I'm sure, that you connect the USB Adapter or BlueCom not properly. Again, the signal wire must be up, and afterward, the connection will be smooth :-)

    Have a look at picture.

    And, by the way :-) The timeout on Pioneer was set to 300 seconds, you're right, in new version 3.35 I decreased the timeout to 3 seconds. Really 5 minutes was nonsense.

    Have a nice Sunday



  • Really strange, because image, what I posted is version 3.30! Normally connected without any issue. If you can't connect it to 3.30 I think that the same will be with 3.35. Something is wrong.

    EDIT: right now tested Source with 3.30 on iPhone 6, 7, 10, 11 and 12, normally working with old BlueCom, which is labeled as iOS and new BlueCom labeled as BlueCom, without iOS.

    EDIT 2:

    Josh, are you sure that you connected the BlueCom into DATA port? Do not connect the BlueCom to TELE port!

  • I did connect it to the Data port, correct polarity. I have the older bluecom (labeled IOS). I'll give a try tomorrow on v3.35 and see what happens... really bizarre.


    BIG EDIT: I just noticed something in your pic: my Source has the polarity markers on it! I still have plugged in the exact same way though which is strange...

  • Update: Apparently it was something bugged in my phone with previous version! I updated to 3.35, plugged in the bluecom (again correct polarity), powered on, opened mobil terminal, went to the system page, clicked source, and it nearly immediately linked and all was good! Thanks for the help. must have been something related to IOS 14.1 or something. Unsure, but it's fixed now.