Competition SRS update via Bluecom Adapter failing

  • Hello,

    I got hold of a Competition SRS (v23) that do not connect to the Core. I assume that its because of the SW version on the Competition. (I did connect RX2 & RX4 to P2Bus. Assume that no other changes is required to connect the Core? )

    So, next when connecting the Bluecom Adapter and then start the Mobile Terminal, select PC connect on C-SRS. See image how its connected.

    Next I allow the BT connect (blue icon light up in the MT) and press the "Competition SRS icon". The next that happens is a message saying "Receiving device" and after a few second is say "No device connected"... The "Start Update" icon is not possible to press.

    Any suggestions?


  • Rudolf,

    I sure did.. didn't look careful enough on at your image how to connect the BlueComm.... Once that was cut, it works fine

    Btw, seems like it was the iPhone X the MobileTermina/Bluecomm disliked and crashed.. Still refuse to to connect to the BlueComm.. On a iPhone 6 the MobileTerminal works just fine!

  • hello,

    app version 3.35 is working fine with all iPhones from iPhone 6 up to iPhone 12 Pro Max. No issues.

    If App is working not properly, then I recommend to delete the app, delete paired BlueCom from Bluetooth devices, and installing all from the scratch.

    It's known issue in iOS, but in iOS 14.2 it was fixed and install/update of the App from App Store is working fine.



  • Hallo,

    Ich habe auch eine Powerbox Competition SRS V23.

    Ich versuche gerade die Competition via Bluecom Adapter IOS ein Update durch zu führen.

    Leider weiß ich nicht genau wie!!

    Wenn ich in der App rein gehe kommt nicht mal das Bluetooth Zeichen. Adapter an der Seite eingesteckt.

    Gruß Christian