RCLightSystems Introduction

  • Good evening all,

    Before posting about a new sensor for the Core system I wanted to introduce RCLightSystems to you.

    About 10 years ago I built my first night flying foamy, and wanted to turn the lights on after launch, simple enough, but this soon spiralled into more features and capabilities. Soon others were asking for electronic pyro ignition and RGB/Pixel night light control, and RCLightSystems was born.

    RCLightSystems is a family concern, today mostly handled by my two oldest sons, Thomas and Charlie. They manufacture, test and ship. New designs start with me (as the 'day job' allows) and then progress to them for productisation.

    If you've seen any of the night flying from Weston Park in the UK or any of the recent German Horizon Airmeet events you will have seen some of our devices in action (check out the video of Luca Baumann's closing flight in the evening). We actually tried to have a Core controlled system at Weston Park last year, but a minor mishap with the ring of fire meant that was not possible.

    Martin Pickering introduced us to Emmerich last year who put us in contact with Richard to fast track our Core support. The developer support from PowerBox is fantastic, and without a doubt the Core radio is by far the most evolved for third party developers, and the features of the radio makes developing addons very straight-forward.

    We also get involved with full size as well. The Grobs of Aerosparx are running custom systems from us (32 channels of pixel and 48 channels of pyro per Grob!). We also created a 10 channel system for a full size Extra330 that can be seen at many of the European airshows.

    The system for the Grobs has also been made in a 16 channel version for model use and we hope to see this flying next year - to give you an example of our Core integration have a look at the configuration options here:

    We like serial busses, we support quite a few; PowerBox P2Bus, JETI ExBus, JR XBus, Futaba/FrSky SBus, Spektrum SRXL 1, 1.5 and 2. This support is common across everything we do, we can also generate telemetry data for all those systems as well.

    We are very proud to work with some of the best RC pilots including Martin Pickering, Luca Baumann, and many of the AzAerosports team (all of whom are keen PowerBox product users too!).

    In terms of our night flying boards we have three main units:

    We also have several none night flying related items as well:

    Tomorrow we launch our latest accessory - the ESC Telemetry Adaptor - https://www.rclightsystems.com…e/esc-telemetry-converter

    This allows you to receive telemetry information from CastleCreations (Talon and Edge), HobbyWing (FlyFun and Platinum) and Spektrum Avian ESCs across all of the radio types we support.



    Thanks for reading till the end !