Is there a way to know what happened after a problem? Mercury sos

  • Hi!

    Yesterday evening, I started my powerbox mercury to check if my batteries where still fully charged after three weeks of quarantine and they were fully charged. Today, it is impossible to start the mercury. After a few research, I found that the two Jeti lithium ion batteries I use to power the box are dead. They are two cells and only one element can be charged. I can't charge them anymore... Oh, I can only charge the remaining cell so I assume the two batteries are dead...

    I have a few questions. I'm pretty sure of the opposite but maybe did I forgot to shut off the plane yesterday evening. If I did, I'm also 100% sure the batteries would still be a bit charged today. I'm starting to think that maybe a problem happened with the box, fuck*ng up the batteries. Is there a way to know with the box what happened? I don't want to assume that the problem comes with the batteries, buy another set of batteries, start the plane and crash it because of a short circuit or something inside the mercury. The mercury has about ten fly but I bought it from someone who had it in the box for months and never used it.

    Moreover, if it was a problem directly inside the batteries, why would it happened the same day, on the two separate batteries... I use the same battery for the engine ( a third one ) and it is still working perfectly.

    I said my mercury is using the V10 software but I don't really know. I borrowed a friend battery this morning. I could start the box with it but forgot to check the software.

    Thanks a lot, sorry for my bad English...


  • Hello,

    I´m pretty sure there is no issue with the box. If it is turned off it´s turned off. I guess you forget to turn it off.

    There are two independend controllers and regulators inside. So the chance that both have a defect on the same day is 1:1000000