Source Telemetry Problems

  • I just received my first Source. Installing it in a new aircraft using twin PBR-9D’s. I have 6 telemetry channels up and operating correctly. When I connect the telemetry for the Source to either one of the PBR’s, I loose all the other telemetry channels except for the PBR’s and the Core. I have double checked the polarity and the connection position numerous times, but no success. When I remove the source from the other telemetry circuits, I get all my other telemetry sources back online. Any suggestions here on what is going on?

  • Problem solved. The telemetry and data were reversed. Since this was my first Source and I was unfamiliar with it, I took a look at the shape & orientation of the telemetry/data socket in order to try and determine what the proper orientation of the ground wire should be (there were no polarity markings for the connection nearby). With the location of the two square corners of the socket, I felt the ground wire should be orientated towards the center of the Source... Wrong, and had no luck in getting the Source connected to the Core.

    I reviewed the instruction again to see what I might have missed. The only photo of the telemetry wire showed the brown ground wire orientated towards the outside of the case. I went back and reversed the polarity of both wires (had to force fit them a little), and had immediate success in connecting. I now have all 7 of my telemetry channels up and running just fine.