Pioneer iGyro sat setting using Bluecom Android app

  • Hi Richard,

    I've got problem setting my new Pioneer gyro settings.

    As showed I've set Gyro address configuration , and complete teaching mounting position. During teaching servos move correctly when i raise up the plane and move the plane to right, and the mount position teaching completed successfully.

    But I can't do the second stick endpoints teaching, it shows the message "You have to assign the gyro channels in the input mapping menu prior to start endpoints setup".

    And as i move the plane the gyro seems not working. What can I do next? Anything wrong with my settings?


  • Hello,

    no, it's working properly, you only not set the channels before running endpoints.

    First, you must complete setup of all channels needed for mounting position, and all channels must be assigned also in TX!

    Step 1:

    Step 2:

    Opening mounting position page:

    Step 3:

    And doing what's requested by app:



    EDIT: Also stick endpoints, the same:


  • Definitely I've setup all the channels needed on my TX, and they all work fine when I move the stick.

    But I'm not using Jeti or Futaba. I'm using Opentx with Frsky X10s, is that the problem? But the channels works perfect as I choose SBUS except I can't use the gyro and can't do the endpoint teaching.