Pioneer + GPS III + Core

  • Hi, I have two questions:

    -Is normal that the Pioneer will not turn on with only one battery connected? (I'm using magnetic switch)

    -In the telemetry sensors menu, I see both the GPS III and the Pioneer, so is better to choose the gps telemetry data directly from the GPS III or from the list of the telemetry values in the Pioneer sensor? I suppose they are identical, but better to clarify...


  • Hello Richard,

    I tried to switch on the Pioneer with only one battery, too. It was not able to do this. As I remember right, there was the LED flashing in red, but the Pioneer remained off.

    Further: If you disconnect one Battery during on condition, then it was not possible to switch Pioneer to off.

    Is there a trick? I didn't found anything in the manual about this topic.

    Best regards


  • Hello,

    I tested it and the reason is clear: the schematic is giving this fact. You can trick it if you go with the magnet to the switch, go away for a second and go again with the magnet to the magnet sensor

    Besides that: Why do you want to switch a single battery. If one battery is bad or not connected you would start with one battery...