Lightbox not seen and not working

  • Richard,

    Core tx up to date and 2x 26D rx

    I have a Lightbox which is about 18 months old. It was working from another model but when I try to set it up on PB Terminal it does not appear in the accessory screen. See photo for screen and set up

    I then try to access it via Blue com without success NOW

    It did show briefly on Blue com but my wifi in my workshop was weak and did not stay connected. During that time I reset the output to P2BUS from PWM which was used with a Futaba setup. I now use CORE so I assumed P2BUS


    However I cannot get anything to recognise the Lightbox unit at all either Blue Com or Terminal (latest update)

    Is the box damaged or is there a test I can do. Maybe a small diode might be useful on future models to show working availability

    Thank you David

  • Hello David,

    I do not know, what resolution you have, but in normal basic resolution the screen looks like:

    In extreme low resolution, 800x600 the terminal looks:

    Really not sure about your settings.

    Regarding Mobile Apps, does not matter If iOS or Android, the LightBox is working as well without issues.

    Check the settings please.

    Have a nice day


  • Rudi,

    Thank you for your reply.

    1 800 x 600 res with version 3.1.9 see top left


    Still no sign of the two items on the right including Light box

    These were made with new download from site at 12.35 am

    The shows the original Box unit not connected plus another unit from my Viper which works fine

    Please check my connections for the Blue comm version which is showing blue tooth connected but when double tapping, stroking or kicking the L/Box icon nothing at all happens now.

    Perhaps I have the connections wrong but I have transposed them with as many variations as I can think of.

    This will be something stupid I am doing as no of tis makes sense. Its probably a Covid variant


  • Hello,

    first of all, the connection you used for mobile app is wrong. Please connect BlueCom into USB port, and battery into RX port. Then start App, tap accessories and LightBox.

    Regarding resolution, you can see on first sight, that the visualisation is not proportional, the ratio of hight and width is not native. I can't advise you, but App is designed for resolution with proportional ratio, as is recommended. In other case App will be unable to show graphs and other features.

    Have a nice rest of weekend


  • Rudi,

    You have got me part of the way with Blue com. Do I choose S bus or PWM with my Core set up . I want four channel selection not just one which I read in a previous thread only gave one.

    Thank you for your help it is apprecaited