USB adapter

  • but teleconvert not work no data no connect to bluecom no usb.....i look some video yuotube and some people recister teleconvert and he show data. Why this not work. I dont understand how this be work. Maybe some day this wirk or not. Any picture if i can looking what i must do. Pete

  • Hey. I am from Finland, and I get it ordered täältäkin.
    In this video which I have spoken, and whether this is the right way to get to work.

    If I have done wrong so you do not have to pay for the mistakes :) pete

  • Hello,

    First of all I wish PowerBox team an happy new year 2021 with many new products.

    I would like to avoid to buy a new USB interface, I have the Futaba CIU-2 and the BEASTX one (using CP210 drivers).

    Is it possible to use one of them with your products ?

    Best regards,


  • Now I got a new teleconvert but still I don't see any telemetry data from that spark switch. I contacted Bluecom and upgraded I put in the transmitter to register it succeeds but no information comes from telemetry. Which is wrong now. I turn on the lamp, someone has soldered the wires, probably the wrong way I have to be + and - different :). Are there any ways I can see telemetry data. If so, put some pictures of how that Futaba starts to work. By the way, it's time for the price of the ignition control if nothing else gets done. Pete

  • Hey. Can I send those scraps to you somewhere I won't make them work. It's damaged when I try to upgrade. Does anyone have an address to see if I can send or I can't fight at that time with equipment that is only for pro professionals. i get the ignition to work with the kill switch it costs 18e and works. If you put the address back, you can do whatever you like. No more bringing a new teloconvert. sorry but incomprehensible that doesn't work. Pete

  • Hello,

    why do you always try upgrade it if you already know that your machine kills it??? Just take it out of the box and use it- our products have always the latest software when shipped

    Also: Why are you registering the teleconverter at you radio if the manual states clearly that you must not. Just connect it to the receiver and select the PowerBox slot in the radio to Slot8. See post #19 - I explained it already.

    I also don´t understand why you need teleconverter for the SparkSwitch? I have no idea what you are trying to do?

    Here is our repair form: https://www.powerbox-systems.c…ort/reparaturanfrage.html

  • Why at that video, which I have put that gentleman makes that registration in order to receive telemetry view Futaba. I should put the bag straight into the receiver and into that ignition pro box and everything should show up. When it didn't show up I was looking for that video and I tried. Pete

  • The video is old, it´s not our video. We write manuals and keep them actual on our website.

    1. SparkSwitch doesn´t need a teleconverter, just slect Futaba in the Terminal and connect it to the receiver.

    2. Teleconverter doesn´t need registering - this feature never worked well with the radios. So we made it plug´n play on slot 8

  • Unfortunately, I do not understand. That is, it is connected but NO data comes from telemetry when there is nothing visible on that transmitter. Only the receiver battery voltage is displayed. You have tried how and many times and no results. Don't you think this won't work. The ignition goes on and the LED lights up but nothing else is displayed. That should be the speed, temperature and battery voltage. That's where I can see the information that Spark Switsc Pro should show. pete