Royal + Jeti antenna telemetry questions

  • Hello,

    I'm new to this forum so bear with me :lol:

    I got a second hand jet with Jeti and power box royal. I got it running fairly easy but while testing I noticed that the Rsat did not work as it should. Pulling the primary would make the servos stop working. After a while I got it figured and it now works if pulling any receiver. However I have problems with the telemetry. Jeti got the antenna status on the main display. Making it double size shows all antennas at 9 / 100%. When I pull the secondary Rx all values goes to - but servos still works.

    While watching youtube and spending time with my friend Google I found loads of stuff but I thought it would be best to ask here.

    DS16 gen 1 with 5.03 LUA Fw, All Rx updated to latest Fw: Expanders, Mbar etc probably on 2016 Fw(not updated yet). Powerbox Royal I don't know which Fw, display says 11.7 I think, but don't know if that is Fw. Would not be surprised if it is on 2016 Fw too. Using Rex6 + Rsat2 in the config I bought.

    1 UDI is supposed to be used?!, Powerbox setup to Jeti UDI (It was on Jeti Exbus).

    2 Rsat, R9 can be changed to UDI but newer Rex can be UDI12 or UDI16. Which is which? R9 set to UDI and Rex6 set to UDI16?!

    3 the milliseconds were at 18ms but youtube reports 10ms?! Switching to 10ms makes stuff unstable for me.... which is correct?! Powrbox and Rx all set to the same ms value?!

    4 while both Rx are connected (18ms) and all works the two dots on the powerbox are white. Seems fine, but the dots might flicker to not filled. first primary then after some seconds the secondary. All seems to work and the flight recorder does not say any lost frames. Is this normal?

    It's quite a complex setup with with rc-switch, several telemetry extenders, powerbox royal with the magic jeti switch adapter, GPS, mbar etc. I must sit down and make a proper schematics over how its hooked up. Still wanted to ask the basics first.

    I'm 110% sure this will be fun by the summer, Ha!


  • Hello Henke,

    UDI16 is the correct choice and yes 10ms is correct too!
    Powerbox frame rate depends on your servos, 15ms should work for digital servos.


    Thanks Ingmar,

    This is all new to me. My normal jets wouldn't even take off with a thing like the power box royal onboard haha!

  • So I think I finally cracked it!

    Rsat2 setup as per instructions at UDI and 10ms. Still I had the same telemetry problems but that turned out being the alarm setting warning for any Rx loss. Choosing that option it will not display the antennas correct. I changed to loos of both Rx and then it displays as it should. I still want the warning for loss of any Rx so will switch back to that.

    Again thanks for your help

  • Hello, your question is simple and not easy to answer. 1 second is 1000 milliseconds. 1000 divided by the value of the frame rate results in the pulses per second that reach the servo. At a frame rate of 9 Ms, this is 111 pulses per second. at a frame rate of 12 ms there are 83 pulses per second. This is a fact and anyone can easily calculate it. Now it is easy to see what frame rate the servo can handle. The question about the two selection frame rates and why not also up to 21 Ms for "slower" servo I cannot judge. At 21 Ms that would be 48 pulses per second and almost all servos can do that - even less modern ones.