Igyro sat with butterfly and elevator competition...

  • Hello !

    I have some setup problems with igyro sat and pioneer....

    When I apply butterfly ( flap down, ailerons up, elevator competition) I lost senivity on gyro ( at least 50% les sensitive like in normal condition when all servos are in neutral position)

    This behavior end when I put “stick priority parameter” from 100% too 0%.

    Soo when I put stick priority too zero I get totally normal sensivity even the butterfly is applied...

    But the problem is elsewhere if I put stick priority to zero I will gett plane fighting with gyro in roll rate and even on elevator rate.

    Soo hear is my idea, applying mixer from aileron and elevator too gyro gain, soo in this case plane should fly like with 100% stick priority

    I doo not know if will work :P

    Soo what doo you thing ?

  • Hello,

    the Ailerons up should be no problem for the Aileron gyro. If you learned the functions correctly a butterfly doesn´t affect the aileron gyro

    For the elevator gyro- yes of course if you mix compensation it looses gain.

    With this mix you get the same: if you compensate the elevator for flaps your curve reduces gyro gain.

    I can recommend: use the Attitude Assist and you don´t need elevator compensation anymore!

  • Hello !

    Is there any special way too learn the function and limits corectly ( doo I need too apply butrefly in some moment of teaching ? )

    Or is there only standard procedure ( everything in nutral postion and then ailer left/right, elev up/dovn and ruder right/left )...

    Thanx regards