Core delta setup with royal SRS and iGyro sat

  • Hello,

    Apologies if this is the incorrect forum.

    I’m about to start building a Carf Su27.

    Strangely it only has elevons but with two servos linked together per elevon.

    I’ll be using my core, a royale SRS and later an iGyro sat.

    I’d like to make the transition from using the gyro function of the royal SRS to the iGyro sat simple, but I think I see a problem. Perhaps you can confirm if this is correct?

    To use the royal SRS, I think I set up a channel for aileron and elevator in the core and then use the delta mixer in the royal.

    (I can use the matching function in the royale to match the two servos on each elevon)

    The four servos are all Futaba sbus so I could match the centre points without using the royale servo match OR without changing the centre point in the core.

    I can understand that.

    However if I later add my iGyro sat, my understanding is that I’d then have to reset the wing type in the royale. I’d then have to use the delta mixing in the core, and then add the iGyro sat.

    I’d then lose the servo matching that I’d performed in the royale that previously linked both elevon servos together.

    Have I missed some detail, or should I decide now which gyro (royale or iGyro sat) I should use?

    My feeling is the royale gyro is the easier to setup for the first few flights, but the iGyro sat should ultimately perform better.

    I’d appreciate your suggestions.

  • Hello,

    first: all things with the iGyro in the Royal: correct

    Second: With the iGyroSat you are also right: no deltamixing in the gyro - it´s in the radio. AND: You can use the gyro on RX1 - if this would loose signal, RX2 will take over but without gyro

    And yes: new servomatching

  • Thank you, it looks like I understand it.

    My goal is to avoid two attempts at servomatcing and also be able to try each gyro.

    I had thought to try the royal gyro first, then later the iGyro sat.

    I am keen to avoid servomatching more than one time.

    However, if I set the core radio and match the two servos on each elevon in the core, I can use the iGyro sat.

    Later I may decide to disconnect the iGyro sat and use the gyro inside the royal. If I do so, when I move the elevator or aileron, four channels would be detected by the royal.

    Would that confuse the royal or would that work?

    (My goal is to avoid two attempts at servomatcing and be able to try each gyro.)

  • Hello,

    I´m sorry- you will have to make the servomatching again. As soon as you change the output mapping the servomatching is reset.

    Servomatching of 4 servos is done quickly