Flight Mode Dependent Servo Offset

  • Hi, I don't understand how I can set the flight mode dependent channel offsets.

    Some systems call them "Trim Phase", others call them "Servo Offset" or "Function Offset".

    Basically I need the zero position of the servo to change according to the flight mode in which I am.

    Typical example: when the flap is down the elevator is down too. For the 4 main channels I can use phase dependent trim, but for all other channels how do I do it?

    I tried to create some fixed value auxiliary functions, often also called "Global Variables", to mix with the main channel, this is how it works, but I have to create as many as there are channels.

    This would also be very convenient to memorize the trim position of the 4 main channels for each phase and reset the graphic trim to zero. Eg "Store Trim".

    Best regards, Andrea

  • Hi TK7, thanks for your answer, I had thought about it but this doesn't solve the problem, because I already use the rubber buttons for other functions such as the auxiliary brake or the reset of the capacity of my "Pioneer" and 2 trims are still few.

    So can you confirm that there is no "Trim Phase"?

  • In the Corespeech there is no "Trim Phase"

    I saw that You used a Graupner transmitter, I never used it

    I don't know exact what Your transmitter means with that trim phase

    For my F3B-airplanes it is in Core possible, to work with my 11Flightmodes

    I think it's dependend, how Your modell is build up

  • Phase Trim is a "Flight phase-specific trim for each channel".

    It is very useful when you need to set a different offset for the Function, f (x) as Core calls it, for each flight mode.

    The Offeset is not available in the Functions (there is only Rate and Expo)

    while in the Servo there is the Offset (Mitte), but it does not rightly take into account the flight mode in which I am.

    The optimal solution is to add it into the Function f (x).

  • I agree with you, mine was just a graphic example.

    The servo offset is right to be unique.

    The offset (or trim) of the function is rightly dependent on the flight mode.

    This is why I asked if there is the possibility of having offsets (or trims) on all channels and if there is the possibility of storing them (save them inside the function and view them at zero on the display on the next flight).