PB Expander with PB Sensor V3

  • Hello Richard

    I am setting up a TopRC Zero with 9 MKS DS1210 servos, that I plan to setup with a PBR9+Power Expander+Powerboxsensor V3

    Is this a reasonable set-up for this bird? It will have an animatronics pilot with 3 more mini servos connected to it, but if too much, I can feed the control board with a spare small battery



  • jetnuno

    Changed the title of the thread from “PB Expander with PB12” to “PB Expander with PB Sensor V3”.
  • Hello,

    Normally I would recommend a PowerBox Evolution for this plane. Or use a PowerBox Professional- with that you can servomatch some functions like flaps, elevators. This gives you more free channels

    A PB Source + PowerExpander will also work.

  • Hello,

    all of my solutions above take the power from the receiver...

    In principle you hardly can destroy the receiver by overload. The problem is how to give the Power to the receiver. With a JR-style connector which is feeding 9 servos it´s a failure point.