Delta end points for aileron.

  • I am using a delta mix on the Mercury.

    I can adjust subtrim and end points for the elevons using servo match inside the Mercury and also match the end points for the elevator function using servo match inside the Mercury.

    I cannot match the end points for the aileron without it effecting the elevator. I’ve tried using servo match and using the core.

    I would like to match the end points for the aileron.

    What am I doing wrong.

    I’m using a core and a Mercury.


  • Can you please clarify how you would set up the core for this.

    Always using : Delta mix on the Mercury normal model on the core.


    Would it be

    Function : Elevator : servo 1

    Function : Aileron : servo 2


    Function Elevator : servo 1 & 2

    Function Aileron : Servo 1 & 2

    I tried both combinations of the above and using the servo travel (left centre right) I could always adjust elevator end points independently but never the aileron end points. When I changed the aileron end points it effected the elevator end points.

    I cannot adjust the function curve as it also effects both servos at the same time.

    The control rods are as equal as can be.

    Please advise.


  • Thanks but:

    I’m trying to match the aileron travel for left and right.

    Just now the left aileron is 35mm up and 35mm down but the right elevator is 38mm up and 35 down.

    I want to make them the same (35mm up and down on both)

    With a normal model I would just adjust the servo end point (travel) but here if I adjust the end point for aileron it also effects the elevator end point at the same time which makes the elevators unequal.

    If I then go back and adjust elevator it outs the aileron unequal again.

    The must be a way to adjust the travel of each control surface independently of each other like in a normal model.