Power Pack 5.0x2 Pro.Red light blinks when powering ECU Jet Cat

  • Power pack 5.0x2s Pro is connected to the JetCat ECU. Pack charged and 8,2V.

    Wenn I switch on power to the ECU, then the red light blinks now and then.Very irragular.

    Connected another Pro Pack and also blinks.

    I did not make an Engine start.

    Used this Turbine, P160SE with ECU V10 for many years with Lipo 2S, without problems.

    Why is that LED flashing?



  • Thanks for your quick reply,

    Battery purchased in Aug.2020.

    So this is normal and no issue.

    On the RX system it blinks not.

    I also use this Battery on a Jet Central Rhino and Jet cat P100 RX. no blinks were noticed.

  • I see no blinks on RX packs.Only Turbine pack when switched on and as i said intermittent .I have been programming all winter with these packs and noticed no blinks..I looked close in dark environment....

    Only when switching on the RX system the first RX pack powered up blinks and the Turbine pack blinks also once.When powering up Turbine it blinks intermittent without a sequence of time.

    In manual pg 19 item 4 is nothing mentioned.

  • The voltage measurement in this batteries is very sensitive - it takes only some µA current. Due to this fact it is also sensotive to wires running close to it. So it would help to see your mounting installation. Powering up makes a current peak which may affect the battery LED.

    The voltage display is not part of the power supply- the MPX connector is directly connected to the cells. So you don´t have to worry about the power supply in any case!