Sparkswitch pro status light doesn't work when ignition is connected

  • Hi

    I'm using a single spark switch pro driving 2 3W twin ignitions for a 3W-275 comp via a Y lead.

    Today i encountered an issue with the Spark Switch Pro status light, when the Ignition lead is connected the status light goes out.. disconnect, the light comes on !

    I believed my ignition polarity to be correct ?? So stupidly.. possibly ?? I turned the ignition lead around and hey.. the status light stays on.. switch ignition off, status light goes off.. Wonderful !

    Question is could i have possibly damaged my ignitions/ filter or the ignition switch. I have not attempted to start the engine until something is clarified.

  • Okay thanks Richard

    The only other thing i have changed was putting a V lead in the ignition line and plugging in the rpm from one of the ignitions... I do remember seeing a thread about changing the terminals in the 3W ignition RPM sensor plug with a picture but have not been able to find that again.

    I will unplug that RPM sensor lead and will see if it starts !

  • Hi Richard

    I disconnected the RPM sensor from the V lead and the ignition started functioning properly.

    The original plug configuration for the RPM sensor (black plug) plugged into this PB lead.. yellow - blue, white - red stopped the ignition functioning.

    I disassembled the plug and re-assembled into a clear plug as shown (I saw this before on this forum) and ignition functions as normal.. fingers crossed no damage to the ignitions and i will have RPM telemetry also.

  • Okay, this is the correct method for 3W ignitions. Both ignitions are fine..tested (disconnected each ignition individually at filter and ran the engine):) , have RPM telemetry and cylinder temps A&B + more :) and switch functions perfectly.... Lets go burn up the sky ...8o

  • Hi Falko

    Yes i do remember reading this although i couldn't find it again:| But certainly works great.

    Still struggling to get a solid RPM reading from the DA-150... tried different wires and lengths.. work in progress haha.. I'm thinking of contacting Ian at DA Australia (who makes the DA ignitions) and see what we can come up with. Thought about optical tachos or maybe a Y lead into the signal lead to the ignition.. just a thought!

    Thanks for your help :)