Telemetry with SPEKTRUM

  • Hello,

    So far I was working with DSM2 without telemetry.

    Now, I am converting all my systems to DSMX with telemetry .

    Already tested and It works well with 3 satellites in my competition SRS, but I have not well understood how the get the telemetry.

    1) Should I connect an other receiver with telemetry to the X-BUS connector?

    2) If yes what are the spektrum receivers I can use.

    3)Can I use SRXL2 and connect the extension to the XBUS?

    4) If I connect this additional receiver, does this receiver works also as a receiver? or maybe it works only for telemeletry

    5) what kind of telemetry data can I get?

    6) can I connect additional spektrum sensors in daisy chain? If yes how.

    many thanks in advance

    Romeo Letor