Igyro srs

  • Hello,

    I’m having some issues connecting the igyro srs to a futaba 10cg with the futaba r6108 sb

    When I go into the setup assistant and follow the steps flight mode is on ch10, gain is on ch7 and in order for the ailerons to be seen I have program mixing ail-> elev with rate at +100, mix on, trim on master ch1 and slave Ch2 , moving on to elevators it reads Ch2 and ch8 but with this movement comes the left aileron moving with them, moving on to rudder is ch 4.

    Then when I press next and move into the gyro direction and move ailerons suddenly a right elevator only moves with the ailerons, moving to elevator a and b normal and reverse do not fix that they are reversed. Rudder direction is correct.

    Any idea on how to resolve this issue?

    Thanks in advance

  • Right aileron is now only being read as channel 1 left aileron can’t be read even when I try to go into channel mapping, right elevator only is channel 2 left aileron not working, throttle channel 3 rudder channel 4... this is when I reset everything and didn’t do any program mixing from the futaba 10cg.

    I need to set two channels for ailerons and two channels for elevators and that simple yet difficult due to the transmitter shouldn’t have taken me this much time.

    Thank you for your time

  • Update:

    The only way I could get all the surfaces to work correctly was channel 2 and 7 up/down elevator, 5&6 are ailerons and 4 is rudder by doing both an elevator-> aux program mix and a flaperon mix. All surfaces subtrimmed. Not gonna fly till you give me the green light on it being ok with program mixing. As you said earlier no mixing when learning but I had to for it to see the other channels

    Thank you