Servos Jump every 10-15 Minutes with Core/Champion SRS

  • I'm working on a new airplane with the latest Champion SRS. It's got 2 PBR-26D receivers installed. I've been programming the servos and I've been leaving the airplane and the CORE radio turned on for 1-2 hours at a time while I program the servos. I've noticed that every 10-15 minutes, the servos will jump a few millimeters and return back to normal. This happens in about a fraction of a second but is noticeable. Even the Sparkswitch LED turns off and then back on while the servos do the very quick but subtle jump. Again the jump is minimal but shouldn't be happening at all. I don't move the sticks around all at when this happens. It just seems to be random when these servos Jump. My version of the Champion is version 10 and both receivers are connected to P2Bus with one having a Y harness to the telemetry port. The Champion SRS is set to P2Bus and I've got the Framerate set to 12ms in both the Core and the Champion. I've tried 15ms and 18ms and I don't think that makes any difference as the servos have jumped on all three Framerate settings. The Core's version is the one before today's update that just came out. I'll get that updated here very soon. However, I've got no idea what causing these servos to do a quick jump along with the Sparkswitch turning off for a fraction of a second. I've searched the forums but can't find anyone else with a similar problem. Looking to get as much help as possible with this matter.

  • I can read all of the telemetry values on the core radio. There are no problems whatsoever with that. Unless if you meant to try and disconnect the cable from the telemetry port and test out the system without telemetry?

  • Do you think by updating the second controller, that will fix the issue? Maybe I'm setting the Framerate incorrectly? It's at 12ms maybe it should be the default 18ms? I really don't know what else could be the issue. Unless if holding the core too close to the receivers is causing the problem. I however usually keeping the radio about 2 meters away from the receivers so I don't know.

  • Hello Richard,

    You were definitely right about the telemetry cable! I took it out of the Champion and left the plane turned on for 2 hrs, and ZERO servo jumps in that two hour period. When I get a chance I'll send it to Adam at PowerBox America's to have it updated.