Spektrum Fades With Pioneer

  • I am looking to see how much telemetry I can obtain with my current setup with the PowerBox Pioneer and the Spektrum SPM4651T receivers. So far I am able to obtain the RX battery voltage and capacity from the Powerbox in addition to frame losses and holds, but I am looking to see if I am able to view antenna fades from each receiver. So far my tx is only displaying a single fade value. In the past setups with spektrum receivers, I have usually been able to view fades from each receiver and satellite in the plane to help me determine which receiver installation needed to be addressed.

    Is this unique to my setup or does the Pioneer only send out a single fade value to the transmitter?

  • I have attached two photos of the Spektrum radio telemetry screen as a comparison. In one photo the system is running off of a Spektrum Powersafe receiver with multiple satellites. In the other photo the system is running off of a Pioneer with two Spektrum satellites.

    After looking at this closer it looks like the pioneer is only showing fades, frame losses, and holds for a single receiver at the time. Today I noticed that my frame losses value was toggling back and forth from 1 to 0. Number of frame losses can only go up during a flight. It appears what is happening is that when the powerbox is switching between receivers it is only reporting frame losses from the receiver that it determines has the best signal. Whenever the Pioneer switches to the other receiver, the values change. In reality frame losses should be logged when both receivers have received a bad signal simultaneously. Overall it seems like the pioneer is reading the packets from both receivers as it should be but my concern is that if one of my receivers goes bad or is not receiving a good signal I will not be able to address the problem as the telemetry from the bad receiver would not be visible on the telemetry screen. At that point I would lose redundancy without realizing it.

  • Hello,

    the Pioneer does nothing on this screen, and it doesn´t get any lostframe/Holds data informations from the satellites.

    I think HH just didn´t modifiy this screen yet to the new satellites as they are working very different from the earlier system with 3 or more satellites and one central receiver...

  • The feedback is appreciated. I have posted some of these same questions on a Spektrum forum where Spektrum developers often provide feedback and have received some insight from their end. Understood that the SRXL2 receivers are new and operate slightly differently than the satellite receivers they are replacing. I am learning my way around the SRXL2 protocol as well since my other Spektrum receivers are standard DSMX.

    They directed me to the SRXL2 specification that is found on github. I attached it here for reference. Per page 15, Fades, frame losses, and RSSI are all sent to the PowerBox from each receiver, and the unit is supposed to build the flight log packet from aggregating that data from all receivers, and send it to the chosen telemetry receiver. There are no updates needed in the transmitter firmware for this to work. It seems that the current firmware may not be reading the rx telemetry present in the databus from both receivers and the telemetry being sent back to the transmitter reflects frame losses in a single receiver and not for the system since the data packet is not being prepared and sent to the receiver by the Powerbox. I feel that this is important telemetry that can be a potential improvement over time for Spektrum users.