GPS 2 Update

  • Hello

    I tried to upgrade from V15 to V16 on a GPS 2, but the update crashed at 63%

    and since, impossible to redo the update and the rescue does not work.

    the led no longer flashes on the GPS

    from what i saw on the forum i need to send it back to powerbox to be reflashed?

    someone can help me ?

    thank you in advance


  • Hello

    I have read that it is possible to convert the GPSII into GPSIII, but that the only way is to send it to the factory, that the cost is 10 euros plus return shipping

    I live in Argentina, where everything is complicated, sending it to Germany has a very high cost and also after returning I must pay all customs taxes again, if I think well it is almost even better to buy a new one for the difference.

    I ask: I have both interfaces, Bluetooth and USB for PC, if you connect remotely to my PC or to my cell phone, there are no possibilities to carry out the Upgrade? The same I am willing to pay the 10 Euros of the cost

  • Hello,

    a GPSII to GPSIII can only be programmed by us. We have a branch in U.S. - I don´t know if that helps from Argentina.

    They have to be now flash with a programmer tool inside - not possible with USB