super sensitive iGYRO sat

  • Hi

    I have been searching the forum to find something similar to my problem with no luck!

    here goes

    I have been attempting to set the iGYRO SAT to a CARF Tucano with a Competition SRS with two 26D's (igyro set to receiver rx2 port on fast track/ data port, frame rate 15ms changed from 18 with no difference.. changed frame rates on both TX and both RX and backer). On the Core i have assigned the gain to a dial + &- 100% travel each way. I have not fastened the sat to a solid surface yet for set up purposes.

    When i move the gain dial either way + or - all the control surfaces shake violently as if the gain is way too high (very extreme !!!)

    I have previously set up a CARF Corsair in almost an identical way... same hardware, components and settings (as far as i can see) and works perfectly !

    I'm really at a loss.

    Feel free to point out the obvious8o not the first time i've had a blonde moment LOL


  • Hi Richard

    No, if the gyro is stable everything is motionless, but as soon as i touch the gyro the control surfaces shake violently.

    I have not tried the other Sat as it is buried in the other model but i will take it out and try it.

    I did read a bit about Hitec servos and this issue related to these particular servos... and widening the dead band to rectify this problem (which i tried with no success)... I'm using old 7955TG. I'm using a newer version of the 7955TG in the Corsair which is totally working fine.

  • Hi Richard

    I took the IGYRO SAT out of the Corsair and put in the Tucano (did the reset) and still has the violent shaking only when i touch the SAT. Put the one out of the Tucano and put in the Corsair and works fine. I tried swapping the receivers around (RX 2 naturally) same results. I'm starting to think it could be a servo issue or not so likely a Competition SRS issue (maybe setting !!)