Timer servo cut off

  • Hello

    I have a F14. Homemade.

    To secure flap extension when wings are folded.

    I used the servo cut off ( the wing system switch is the servo cut off switch for flaps ) to secure flap extension during the movement and wing folded flight ( wing extended to wing folded) but I can’t secure during the reverse movement.

    So is it possible to do this with another way ? I try logic switch but with the proportionals sliders it doesn’t work , flight mode etc etc I don’t find a solution ...

    Or a little update with a timer on servo cut off ( it will be cool for exemple extended engine on gliders etc etc ) :):)

  • Hello,

    I understand your problem - you need something which is not checking the position of the input, you need something which is switching with the servo output of a function.

    But I´m sorry- all this functions work related to the inputs. This is normal as anything else would cause a loop feedback, which cannot be calculated

  • I need something like a time programming in a sequencer for landing gear but for a servo cut off. For exemple the cut off is always active X.X sec after the order ( X.X sec is the time of wing extension) Here for the wing but it will be for a pylon engine etc etc