Large electric plane Powerbox equipment set up

  • Good afternoon,

    Presently I’m in the final stages of setting up my M Coupe airplane by Flex Innovations. Set up includes an E Flite 60 motor and either a Castle Creations Edge 100 or Edge Lite 100 and 6S lipo. I’m not sure but I think it would be best to not use the BEC and to use a separate power supply for the servos? The servos are Hitec 225MG, which can be changed for the better if need be.

    Would it be possibly better to use the Powerbox Pioneer or something similar to have a better setup and what about telemetry sensors?

    Thank you,


  • Hi Richard,

    Thank you very much as your attention to detail is legendary on your forum and your service, bar none!

    M u s c l e Coupe made by Flex Innovations.

    I tried to put the name of the plane in the post but the first word of the plane is censored! I would like to learn from other users what they use for large(r) electric airplanes

    I’ve also email Powerbox America and hope to get a reply so that I can understand what is needed. Best Regards, Michel

  • Hi Richard,

    I agree, replace the analogue servos to digital HV, thanks for your help!

    Since the Powerbox Core is still quite new are plans for more sensors related to large electric aircraft and maybe ESCs In the works? I understand I can get a tele- bridge from EL-Smoke to use let’s say Jeti sensors. But when you have a Core, that does’t really appeal to me, I like my Core to sing harmoniously.

    Just thought to ask, all the best!

  • Adam Strong (Powerbox Americas) was very helpful yesterday in directing me to the Powerbox products I will need for my journey into larger electric airplanes.

    I’m quite excited as the products were ordered!

    First class products + first class service = Powerbox all the way!