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    Hi Richard,

    I have setup my PB Royal SRS with my Jeti 16 with 2 R3 rec. everything is working perfectly except that I can’t program my fail-safe for my turbine.

    Question? Should I disable the Fail-Safe on the R3 receivers? And do the Fail-Safe on the PB?

    On another note I met your Dad in the event in Chile a few weeks ago! Very nice.


    Northern California

    Yes we did both connections, same results.
    I see on my telemetry screen on the DX18 the power box values in term of batteries consumptions with the right values but when I go in the screen page for Holds and Fades the values go wild.


    On my DX18 using the TM1000, "The fades, frame losses, holds, etc., shown on the display of the SRS seem to show normal. The readings on the transmitter go up and off the scale in approximately 4 seconds"

    Anybody still have this issue? I upgrade to PB SRS v08 and still have the same problem. Richard tried to help me but on his system at PB seems to work fine. I have 2 jets with the same issue.
    I also have the latest DX update too.




    I got the chance to perform some test on my second brand new PB Royal SRS and I am having the same issues.
    I bind it to my DX 18 as DSMX same issue. I bind it to my JR 12X as DSM2 and same issue. The movement in some cases at start will severly bind my linkages and and damage my moving surfaces on my jet.
    I am doing all these test on a bench and with several servos of different brands, specktrum, JR and Futabas

    What should I do next? please help!


    Thank you Richard for your quick response!

    I checked both of my brand new PB Royal SRS versions at screen startup and both are V04.2

    Yes, I am using dual duralites 7.4 5200 MAH and my servos are JR DS 8711. I tried with some futaba servos and same problem but with other servos I didn't notice the problem.

    Please give me instructions of the process how to send you both PB Royal SRS to your location. I can overnight them via Fedex. I bougth the units from Jack Price at Duralites.

    Gonzalo Martinez
    Northern California

    Hi Richard,

    I have a problem. I just installed the Powerbox Royal SRS on my large SM Viper. When I turn on the Powerbox I see some movements in some of the surfaces such as elevators and rudders. Some of the movements are sometime small and other times quite large almost to the point of linkage binding. This only happen for a fraction of a second, then all surfaces to neutral position and everything is working OK. The behavior is completely random. I am using as a radio a DX 18 and this had never happened with the previous Powerbox Royal Spektrum I used to have on this plane, neither with all my other Spektrum receivers.

    I bind the radio to the Powerbox on a precise position (neutral all my surfaces) and I have those positions maps on hold. I tried FS too instead of Hold and using the FS learns position memory and the behavior is the same when I turn on the system.
    Other than that everything is working perfect after a few seconds has pass. I am worry to try to setup my wings as this behavior might damage the flaps on my Viper.

    I do believe I have the latest v4 version installed on my Powerbox Royal SRS.

    Let me know your thoughts, I have another Powerbox Royal SRS to be install on my A10 but I need to solve this issue ASAP.



    OK Sorry for the confusion..... I just started my system today and the bug still there with all the H going like crazy.
    Funny as it is.... I tested 5 times the other day and no issues but today is acting up..... I guess HH need to fix that.


    Hi Richard,

    I just got from HH here in the USA the latest TM100 X as they where backorder for a while and I am deligthed to inform that the bug was fix and the numbers matches exactly what the PB Royal SRS shows.

    I simply love this unit and I got all the programing done for my jet! I am planning to order a second unit very soon for my large A10.

    Warm regards,


    First let me say I am so impress with my new Royal SRS!
    I will be installing one in all my jets for sure!

    I did plug the TM1000 to get the telemetry running on my DX18 and yes I have the same results you have previously described. I have the latest software update on my DX18 but my TM1000 is an old one. I am getting a new one to see if this would fix the problem.