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    This has happened before, I’ve done the disconnection of the battery’s to get them synchronized, it worked once then if you turn them of again and then back on it only does one battery. The magnet was directly against the sensor not directed to the side as I had partially removed the Gemini to make sure it made direct contact. After connecting the batteries is there a time I should wait before trying to turn them on?

    Hi I’ve got the Gemini 2 which was sent back for repair and returned to me, it worked ok for one week but today it reverted back to how it was, the power comes on, but only on one battery occasionally on both, I’ve tried disconnecting one battery and turning the switch off and on and reconnected loads of times to get them synchronized but it doesn’t work as it should, when it does turn on if you switch it off, it doesn’t always turn back on again even without disconnecting the battery what do you think (this is using the mag switch)

    Hi, what is the best way to use the gps2 as a telemetry scensor on a spectrum system, I have spectrum powerboxes, and numerous other receivers, also tm1000 telemetry, does the gps just plug in to any of these and work or do I have to do something else thanks Gary

    Hi the Gemini is on it’s way too you, I’ve put a repair form in. Also I have put my gps which is of the igyro srs in with the Gemini, if you could check it as I have always had trouble getting it to connect and some times it never did, it’s the first gps and not the two.

    Hi I never sent the Gemini in, but now it’s needed I would like it fixed, would it be ok to send it in for repair still thanks Gary


    Thanks for all the replies,I have a evolution 4230 on its way to you as I said earlier I put an extension in and bent the pins together and it started smoking,it should be with you soon,I'm going to use the Gemini until the evolution has been looked at,then I will post the Gemini to you thanks gary

    Ok I think I will as it would make it easier to use, will it be a chargeable Repaire as it's out of warranty? Shall I put any reference on the letter thanks gary

    I've had it about that long I brought it then never used it until now, I wouldn't be using it now but I fried my powerbox Evolution by plugging a lead in and bending the pins together my bad luck,I've just posted the evolution today for you to look at,is the Gemini safe to use like this it's a bit of a pain to keep disconnecting batteries though

    I got it working correctly by connecting the switch,and disconnecting one battery then press the switch to turn the other one off then they both worked together when turned on,until I disconnected both batteries and it went back to how it was alternate powering on with the mag switch

    Hi I have a Gemini 2 when I connect the switch to the unit it works fine but when using the mag switch it turns one battery on,then if you use the mag switch to turn it off it then turns the battery off but turns the other battery on thanks gary

    Hi, can you tell me how to connect the spectrum tm1000 to the powerbox,is it via the Xbox connection on the tm1000 to the four pin connection on the side of the powerbox,using an X bus lead thanks Gary

    One question was what mag sensor switch would use on the srs and the other was can I plug a spark switch into the srs for power