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    Apologies for posting in a German thread, but using a bit of google translate, I think I'm asking the same question.

    After running through the set up assistant, my ailerons, elevators and rudder are displayed as "Aile-R", Aile-L etc and everything works as it should. However when reading the manual, it states that

    If you select one of these functions, the output is linked internally with the iGyro output. Two outputs are available for each axis: GY AILE-R, GY AILE-L, GY ELEV-R, GY ELEV-L, GY RUDD-A, GY RUDD-B.
    Each of these axes is individually variable for gain, direction of effect and gyro function.

    Have I missed something in the set up assistant? Do I now need to manually change the settings for each to the one including the GY prefix for the gyro to work with the main flight surfaces?

    I'm sorry for all the questions, but whilst some parts of the manual and set up are really easy to follow, there seems to be some small important areas which don't seem to follow the procedures in the manual. I don't know anyone else who has fitted one of these and it's my first Powerbox, so I'm hoping it's just a steep learning curve.


    Now working as expected. Will look again at servo matching at a later date. Just want to see it flying with no problems before making any more changes.



    They are set up on different channels and mapped to different outputs, but I can't remember if the set up assistant registered them individually. With everything plugged in, I don't really want to disconnect all the servos and run the assistant again, so I will try the direct setting first.

    Thank you for your quick response.


    I have the flaps assigned two to different channels and mapped to two different outputs on the Mercury. However, when I plugged in my wings tonight to check the ailerons and flap movements (I've just switched from a twin receiver set up), the flap setting in my transmitter only seems to drive the position of both servos. If I adjust the percentages for the up/down position, the settings for Flap L in the transmitter drive both servos.

    When I went through the set up assistant, the names for these channels were assigned as FlapL and FlapR. Is the Mercury automatically linking these two outputs together?

    If I want to drive them separately, do I need to change the mapping to a "DIRECT" channel?

    I've never used the servo matching before, so I'm not 100% sure how this works so at this time I'd prefer to have control of each flap back at the TX.

    I hope I've made my problem clear?


    Thank you again. I looked everywhere last night but I could not find any reference to it on the internet or in the instructions. Will post a picture of my installation later showing the leads connected. Might be useful for someone in the same situation.



    Sorry if this seems a silly question, but I can't see any information in the Mercury instructions on the correct orientation of the servo leads which come from the sbus receivers which plug in to the ports between the satellite ports for the Spektrum satellites. On my competition, the leads plug into the satellite ports so you can't get it wrong, but I can't find any pictures in the instruction manual which I've just printed off?

    Could it be possible to add a picture similar to the ones posted in the FAQ to show the wiring for the correct way to plug in the leads for both the rx's and the GPS etc.


    Amazingly quick response. I'm just being cautious as I've never had a Igyro before and I don't want to damage it before I even install it.

    I assume I can use a Li-Fe rx pack to power everything up as this is 6.6v ? (just reading instructions, but have not come across voltage range yet).

    Thank you again.


    Hello Richard,

    I've just acquired a Igyro SRS and want to check it has the latest software installed. Does it have to be plugged in to an installation or can you just update the unit on its own beforehand?

    Like the previous post, could I ask where you connect the external power. If I'm using Futaba Sbus, do I just plug in a power supply to the rx to power the igyro?

    Thanks for you help.



    Is it possible to show the correct position of the patch cables which plug in above those mpx connectors as well? I can not find one picture showing this anywhere. Should this not be in the instructions?