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    Dear Richard,

    I have the following setup in my plane:

    Champion SRS - Updated to V7.2

    2x Futaba 7008SB receivers, - one of the receivers have the update from you.

    Futaba SG14 transmitter. Updated to V7.0

    2x 5000 mAh 2s LiPo batteries

    I observed the following symptoms when I fly with my Extra 330SC:

    The incoming voltage on the display unit with 2S LiPo battery shows 8,4 V, the outgoing voltage with 7,4V setting shows 7,45-7,55 V.

    On the display of my radio through telemetry I see 7,3-7,2 V without having any additional telemetry unit like rpm or temperature sensor.

    When I connect the telemetry sensors the voltage drops to 7V.

    If the recievers are disconnected from PB and operated separately from single 2S lipo there is no voltage drop nor when only the recievers are running neither when telemetry sensors are connected to the system.

    Earlier I did not have this symptom.

    Have you faced such thing before?

    Shall I have to be afraid any failure problem, or I can use the system as it is now?




    One question raised from my side regarding the position of the valve check.
    Where does it have a better position after the pump, or before the pump?
    Currently they are after the pump on the pressure line, close to the headers.

    Vince Gyurcsik


    Thanks for the information, I will change the pump's position closer to the tank.

    Vince Gyurcsik


    I have a jet smokpump in a 3,1m Extra 330 SC
    My problem is the pump picks up slowly the smoke oil. This means, if the engine on idle it takes least 20 secs to see the engine smoking, on full throttle it is impossible to make smoke with the pump however it is on 100% rpm. If the smoke pump picks up the oil than it works fine. What is much more annoying that back flow can be observed during flying from the manifolds through the pump to the smoke tank. This causes that the smoke oil flows out from the smoke tank through the breather line during flying.
    I installed between the smoke pump and the headers valve checks from secraft, but it does not solved the problem just minimized the flow back. The smoke pump is in the front of the plane, the tank is in the CG. With my previous plane where I used a smokepump from you however I did not have such kind of problem. At there the pump was very close to the tank.

    What is the problem? Maybe the position of the smokepump?


    Hello Richard,

    I did the suggested modification.
    It is much better now. One receiver has been placed onto the side of the fuselage, the other has been moved to the tail of the plane.
    Now without telemetry today I had only in average 100 lost frames which much better to the previous 300-400 frames.
    Also I had 0 holds.

    Vince Gyurcsik


    Yes I am using two receivers that 's why I am nervous about the lost signal.
    I have a 14SG transmitter usually the antenna bent to the right, and at each case the lost of the signal happend when I came from the right to land.

    Regarding the interior of the plane I took a photo.
    What is not visible underneath the standard blue tray from Krill I built in some ribs and panels to hold the pipes of the engine and to cover the rudder servos from the heat of the pipes. These ribs are made from carbon and honeycomb. Also the bottom of the plane reinforced with CF textile because of the openings to let the heat out.
    Altogether with these reinforcements and the CF in the motordome and the airscrew maybe the CF is the root cause for the lost signal?

    In this case where would you put the receivers?

    Vince Gyurcsik

    Hello Richard,

    I use the Champion SRS with 2 7008SB also.
    The number of the lost frames during a 8 min long flight is inbetween 300 - 800 frames.
    What is critical for me I had 3 times when the signal gone and the number of the holds increases inbetween 1 and 15, and at these cases I had the feeling I lost the control above the plane. It happens everytime the same case when I come to land and the model is about 100 - 200 meters far 10 meters high.
    Previously one of my receiver was used without the PB in another modell I had no problems at such cases.

    The antenna installation of the receivers should be fine they are the same like before on my previous modell.
    The carbon content of the airframe should not be a problem because it is 41% Extra 330 SC

    Now I am really confused where shall I start to looking for the failure?
    Also I do not feel safe to fly with the plane with this conditions.
    Does the PB need any update?

    Vince Gyurcsik

    Hello Mr. Deutsch,

    Thank you for the answer.
    I gave wrong the type of the powerbox, it is a champion SRS not a competition SRS.
    I suppose the difference has no effect onto the failure.
    The problem root cause is at the servos, right?

    Vince Gyurcsik

    Dear Mr. Deutsch,

    Unfortunatelly I faced on last weekend with the same symptom.
    I use also a Competition SRS with Hitec 7950TH servos, which have the glitching failure at 7,4 V.
    When I reduced the outgoing voltage to 5,9 V the failure eliminated however I would like to use the servos at 7,4V because of their speed and power.
    Interesting is that the longest cable is the elevator cables with a length of 2,5 meters, so much less than by the other customer was reported.

    I came to that conclusion I need to buy a signal amplifier as you suggested above.
    Question from my side at which position I have to connect the amplifier to the power line?
    Directly after the powerbox or before the servo?

    Awaiting your reply,
    Vince Gyurcsik