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    I figured it out. I noticed a wire plugged into the RX1 port which I don't use with Spektrum, Well when I pulled that wire out there was a Futaba 7008 rx attached. It slid under the panel so I couldn't see it. As soon as I unplugged the rx1 port the Satellites connected to my TX.

    As an experiment I bound 3 of the Satellites on a Spektrum receiver and they worked perfect on the same model in the radio. Then I plugged those Satellites back into the Royal and turned it on. Sat 2 and 3 were lit up and showed as working on the display. But SAT1 was not lit on the display.

    I was just delivered my new plane. It has the Royal SRS installed. When I installed my new Satellite remote receivers I can not get it to bind with my DX20 or DX18. The SAT1 port appears to be dead. I swap Satellites and SAT1 is still dead. When I hit bind, there is one quick flash on SAT1 then it stops.

    Trond setup the jet using his Futaba so it wasn't tested until now. All I have done is switch the setting from Fut to DSMX 18k. Any ideas?

    I have an Igyro SRS with GPS 2. I updated to V25 and all went well. When it was installed in the plane and connected to the Spektrum Rx the Igyro screen was dead. The switch lights up.


    This trick also worked for me. The moment I touched the aileron slider the entire Terminal became interactive.

    Thanks Tony

    Yes Richard, the gyro works perfect and any adjustments I make are saving to the 3e. It just doesn't show up on the Terminal.

    Sometimes when plug the 3e into the Terminal nothing is highlighted, gyro orientation, HH boxes, frame rate etc. But it is connected and if I make a change it changes.

    My igyro 3E's are working correct. But when I plug the gyro into the terminal the setting do not come through all the time.

    When I move the Flight mode switch on the radio you do not see the gain slider on the terminal move.

    At one time I was able to watch the slider move in real time not it does not. I am working with 5 different units the problems occur with all of them. Sometimes the info shows on the terminal.

    The gyros are working perfect, this is just a terminal question.

    I connected my igyro up to a Spektrum 12120 rx, I'm using a DX18 tx. When I ran the setup assist everything was correct. The igyro detected all the correct channels. Ail- 2&6 Elv 3&9 Rud 4. But when I go to operate the surfaces the Rud is working on the throttle stick and Elv B is working with the Aileron, Elv A is won't move. I didn't bother to plug the wing in yet. I tried a different receiver and the results are the same.

    If I go into the input mapping and change the channel manually, the throttle stick still operates the rud. It doesn't matter what channel I have programmed.

    Any thoughts?

    Regards Tony Quist.

    Ok thanks,

    With these servos they are running the receivers in High Speed mode. With the 7008sb rx they are setting up the TX in 12ch mode not 18ch mode.
    This is why they brought it to my buddy's attention.

    My friend wants me to install MKS servos with his Igyro for rudder control. The salesman for the servo was concerned that the servos (MKS HBL850) was not compatible with the IGYRO. These are very fast helicopter servos.

    They seemed very concerned about the frame rate and Working Frequency. He said that the servo MAY be to high of frequency for the IGYRO.

    Do you have any experience with these servos? Do you know what there concerns are?