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    Thanks Richard.

    We started at Airspeed 3 and we also had the gain of the three (3) different surfaces at 100%. We thought that by increasing the Airspeed to 4 we were going to have a better result.

    At Airspeed 3 and by having all gain at 100% I think there is opportunity to keep improving the gain since the airplane doesn't start rocking... so what do we need to do in order to make sure we have the maximum gyro stabilization help ?

    Reviving and old thread....

    I was flying today a Carf Tutor equipped with a Powerbox Royal SRS. When trying to adjust the iGyro at Airspeed 3, all surfaces were at 100% an no oscillation was noticed. We moved to Airspeed 4 and still had all surfaces at 100% gain with no oscillation. This means that we should be going to Airspeed 2 instead ?

    I have seven (7) jets currently with iGyro and all of them are equipped with a GPS. Now I'm planning to assemble a CARF Viper Jet and I have a Mercury SRS Power Box without GPS. Is it worth it to buy a separate GPS and install it or I can use the included gyro in the Mercury without the GPS ? What would be the disadvantage of using it without a GPS ?

    Thanks Richard for the quick response.

    Loving the iGyro. Have five (5) of them working and one (1) that I haven't installed yet.

    Can a normal iGyro be installed on airplanes equipped with the normal Royal (not SRS version) ? Would it need special receivers installed ? All the ones I have are working with SRS power boxes.


    In all of my planes were I have an iGyro installed (a total of 5), I have noticed that while the planes are in the ground, the elevators starts moving up. This became a problem with one of my planes when I decided to take off with the iGyro activated and I didn't noted that the elevator have started moving. The result ? The airplane took off in a short distance and I was lucky to be able to keep the airplane flying even that it was in a stall....

    Is there any way to get rid of this ?


    Is it worth it to upgrade from V16 to V19 ? My current iGyros have been working for a while now without a problem but I would like to know if the system would operate much better/faster with the new software version.

    If an upgrade is recommended, do I have to go through the setup again or I could use the existing values ?