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    What shipping address should I use? I will address the shipping label to you.

    Thank you.

    Hi, I have a GPS I and I can't get it to lock to satellites. The Powerbox SRS display keeps on saying "....searching..." when I attach this GPS I module! I had thought it is a bad unit but asking here to make sure.

    This is a GPS I not II.

    As a test, when I attach my GPS II unit to the SRS box as a test, the SRS locks on to the satellites after searching for a while so I know the SRS box is good.

    Any thoughts please?



    Hi Richard,

    I have several of your gyros. I have a couple of questions re the i3e. They all work very nicely, thank you for a great product. I plan to enhance the i3e with the addition of a GPSII plugged into the MISC port.

    1. I have not flown the i3e with the GPSII plugged in. Is there a quick way I can see what firmware version I have on my i3e? If not V3, I will need to update.

    2. Can I update the firmware while the i3e unit is connected to all the servos and the receiver inside the aircraft or will I have to disconnect the unit completely from the servos and the receiver to update its firmware?



    Hi Richard,

    I just purchased the newest Spektrum 12 channel receiver AR12300T and I found that it will not work with the SRS iGyro V25. I am using the SRXL connection and the iGyro just defaults to channel 17 on everything as soon as I try to program it! Servo commands are sent through but nothing else is functioning.

    I am able to connect the iGyro V25 successfully to the AR12120 which is the previous generation of Spektrum receivers. There is no problem there. I am using the SRXL connection as well on this receiver.

    There is definitely a compatibility problem. Please advise!


    My GPS unit is constantly searching and rarely logged in. The sensor is inside the canopy on top of the pilot's instrument panel - FW190 TopFlite Giant Scale Warbird.

    All I have between the GPS and the sky is the canopy clear plastic. Does it need a completely unobstructed view of the sky?


    Hi Richard,

    I will try this connection pattern this week.

    A question that comes to mind: if I connect the SRXL port on my 9 channel receiver to the iGyro, then I can no longer attach the Xplus box, correct? Or, can I "Y" the iGyro and Xplus box to the SRXL port on the receiver?


    Ok, I got everything to work in my electric plane. Three satellites, iGyro, Elev B running the throttle channel. Running V20. DSMX modulation.

    I am excited to go actually fly her.

    One issue that I encountered: I was using the Assistant to see how things would function and I found out that since I have Elev B now mapped to the throttle, each time I moved the plane and the iGyro attempted to stabilize, it would also bump up or down my throttle. So, I had to go back into Gyro settings to change the Elev B gain settings (normal and heading) to zero to stop the throttle from getting bumped up or down as the iGyro corrected for the elevator function.

    Should the firmware not be able to realize that if the B function is assigned to another channel (different from the A function), then the B function gain should not be automatically programmed with the Assistant?

    Perhaps there is something already in there that I am not aware of.

    Thanks much for your help! This whole process has been very easy and instructional for me. Really appreciate it. If all goes well, I will have the iGyro in my jets and other planes as well.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I have tried both all DSMX and DSM2 satellites (no intermixing - DX18 set to DSMX or DSM2 with each set of satellites!) Same results. Frame rate set to 22ms in both cases.

    Yes, throttle goes to the receiver throttle channel. The flight control surfaces connect to the iGyro. Four total channels. 2X jumpers go to two empty slots on the receiver. The 9 channel receiver is only using the throttle channel and just for the heck of it, I had tried various empty slots. I realize that all + and - are the same but I thought perhaps I had a receiver soldering problem internally.

    Thanks, will install V20 and report back. Cool! Instructions for V20 installation please?


    I am a bit stumped. A bit of background, I am using a small electric airplane as a testbed to learn how to use the iGyro. I would like to use the iGyro in my Snowbird Comp-arf jet next.

    I have a Castle 50 amp ESC in this electric plane that works fine and arms when the iGyro is not involved. When I install the iGyro and connect it per the instructions, I can get the iGyro to work as desired; however, the ESC just refuses to arm! I get the red blinking light. If I then remove the iGyro and connect things back up again without the iGyro in the system, the ESC arms!

    The existence of the iGyro is somehow preventing the ESC from arming! Spektrum system, 9 channel AR9020 receiver, no Xplus module attached, DX18 transmitter 1.04C firmware. iGyro is v19.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!