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    mode 1 2 or 3 i guess is, if the model close some doors with legs down for example, isnt explained in the manual? In the manual reading many times is not well explained, better said is like chinese manual , there a lack of understanding :) but i use the mode 1 fine tunning did you mean move left or right the bar between kumpong to one doors to anothers?

    And my asking is about how many task must be a plane like this model, and what mean down and up or up and down, again, lack of explanation.

    Can you get me?

    Hello Richard, can you plkease advice to me, what can i do,.... i had been working 2 weeks in door secuencer in my royal into my F 14, the problem is understanding task, or perhaps another tip, in F 14 have one group of doors named ds2 and another doors named ds3, and retract named ds1, i need to now what select in down to up or up to down to program the secuencer, is not clear for me, and how i can command from gear down, first ds1 up, then ds3 close the ds2 close, those steps mark gear up to fly, the my problem is gear down, how i select?, and how i command the task, because i programed 6 task wirth the 3 ds operations in order as i tell you, but to gear down that order is not the same, in assistant work everything well, but when i need to open ds3 first do not work and the doors they lock together and do not allow deploy main gear.

    Thanks in advance

    Eugenio Oisel

    Is a shame, could be fantastic to see in the Mercury like PB royal the last top speed reached.

    In the other hand dear Richard, is possible to save in one way or whatever, the configuration made in one model in the mercury srs? this is in order to put that Mercury in the another airplane for a while, and then after return the power box to the original model where i has been save the model setup info?

    Thanks in advance

    Hey Friend, i got it, the manual say with Rx 7003SB is not necessary any adjust, that is not correct, the Rx 7003SB must be in B mode, i mean 2 flashings mode in rx for setup port 1 like SBUS alone, i change both receivers to B mode now and they are OK showing in the PB screen.}

    I think could be necessary for another users change the RX 7003 SB to mode B and add to Mercury manual instructions this issue.

    Any way as always thanks you very much Richard for your help

    Halo Richard,

    i just bought another mercury srs for Futaba sbus use, now for first time i bought 2 rx 7003, the Mercury manual say use port 1 " No necessary adjustements", i always i has used 7008Rx no problems, but now with 7003 port 1 doesnt work, its say FS or simply - , but if i connect to sbus2 the mercury say Rx : OK.

    what i should do it?

    Thanks in advance

    Eugenio Oisel

    from Chile

    Richard, sorry, perhaps too many question in this issue, so, both receivers futaba in any srs power supply should be set in A condition? and A or C ? is the same?

    BECAUSE IN ONE of MY SRS ROYAL i setup one rx in A mode and the other in C, in that way in my futaba radio TX show both receiver linked with serial number, and other PB Royal as well, both RX was set in A mode both are in green led working condition, but only one rx appear linked to my radio tx.

    all those condition are fine, or must be different??

    Thanks a lot in advance

    Eugenio Oisel


    Here i am again, at trying many times to rescue my royal, by bluecom, always show me enable the upgrade button in my phone, but always after 5 or 7 seconds appear a screen saying "Device not connected", i guess the royal is not sending response to bluecom, then, i decide to take out from my jet and connect to my laptop, the problem remain , ;( it not able to receive any instruction white screen.

    Those exist any reset method here beside me to do, instead send it to factory, even decide to loose the well programming data?

    Thanks again


    Thanks you Ingmar, no i never has been running rescue, how i can do it?, the PW doesn´t show nothing at all, and bluecom either, even not show update like option, only the button quick connect, and that button not be able to push it. :(

    hello Alex, in this issue, my royal was interrupted by bluecom update, after that was unable to recovery my royal, seems remain in blank, nothing works and do not allow even menu in order to reconnect.

    Thanks in advance

    hi , my big problem is the royal, because is not working, screen blank in white, some air valves flashing and do not respond on any button or menu, thinking in loose my total programming, does exist any method to factory reset the unit?

    Or you advice to me rescue it by bluecom?

    Thanks Richard

    Hello Richard,

    First of all , happy new year 2018 for all the people in Powerbox company .

    Talking about Royal SRS today morning by bluecom i tried to update my royal srs and by my mistake i turn off the Royal unit, after that i turned on and ohhhh!!!!! doesnt work nothing at all, screen white, some air valves flashing , and worse situation the program in my phone S7 Galaxy said NO DEVICE CONNECTED , i reconnect many times even erase the android program and reload, and nothing.

    Can you tell what can i do?

    Many Thanks in advance.

    Eugenio From Chile

    Yes if i put my fingers onto both elevators the vibration stop, one servo is worse than the anoother, i try downing frame rate just 12 even 9 one surface stop vibration, but the another keep in vibrate just i put my hand on it and stop both. if i move the elevator stick both servos go on vibration