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    I have mine working, what I am seeing is a .1 granularity on voltage for batt 1 and batt 2 on the radio vs on the Mercury LED screen.

    For example, the Mercury reads 8.13 and 8.03, the radio reads 8.1 and 8.0, it does not give you the .01 accuracy. Is this correct and the expected result?

    Guys, try going into linkage page 2/2 and select (Data Reset) for Telemetry. Then go to sensor page 2/2 and select reload. After that, go back and manually assigned PowerBox to slot 8 and assign channel ID 3, mine started working perfectly for me. For GPS I'm getting Lat/long (GPS Position) and Altitude. I am not getting any other GPS values like speed as It's in the shop. I suspect when I fly it, it should show the other values.

    Good luck!


    I have a problem, I had initially setup the Mercury manually without the setup assistant, I have been programming my other Royals and iGyro SRSs without much issue doing it this way. I specifically do not like using the setup assistant as it sets the output mapping slots automatically, based on aircraft type. I prefer certain slots for certain functions to keep things organized.

    Due to the gain channel not being configurable unless you run the setup assistant, I hesitantly ran the setup assistant. When I ran it something happened to the pump, I had to unplug it as it just keeps running now, I'm using the same exact radio program which was working fine before I ran the setup assistant. After I ran the setup assistant I went in and modified all of the output mappings to match what I had already pre-wired and was working perfectly. I tried plugging the pump directly to another receiver and it simply just keeps running, no melody on power on. Did running the setup assistant with the pump plugged in damage it? How is this possible? Is there a way for me to reset it?

    Also, after I unplugged the pump I tried testing the flight assistant. Does the flight assistant only allow you to set all three axis at once? The Royal allows you to setup the gain for each axis individually with the flight assistant, was this functionality removed/left out? I have found on my other planes that the gain on each axis when I land after running the flight assistant is always different for each axis before it oscillates. Please help me with the pump issue and clarity on the flight assistant. Sending the pump to Germany is going to be a big hassle, I am hoping this is not the only option.

    Are you saying this is done in the setup assistant? The plane is already setup, I'd prefer not to rerun the setup assistant, I do plan to use the test fly assistant but need to assign a gain channel.


    Hello Richard,

    They turned green after I tried a second time, thank you.

    If you don't mind, can you tell me a little more about the timer? For example, what needs to happen in order for it to trigger?



    The flight mode switch sets the mode, FM1, FM2 or FM3, but the gain channel allows me to set the actual gain value during test flight assistant. that is what I'm trying to do, I'd like to run the flight assistant but it won't allow me to set a gain channel unless I rerun the setup assistant.


    Is there a soft start function which is configurable on the Mercury for channels? When using Futaba SBUS servos this is a setting, but I am using JR servos on this plane and cannot configure this. Due to the weight of the flaps they hang when the plane is not turned on, when I turn the plane on the flap servos move abruptly to their flight setting and hit pretty hard, I'd like to slow them down. I have a servo speed set to slow them down, but it does not appear to be in effect when you first turn the plane on.



    When I try to manually set a channel for gain channel under input mapping, it appears the flight mode channel resets to -, when I go back and reset the flight mode channel the gain channel resets back to -.

    I suppose this behavior may be due to the gain channel auto disable feature? I see this in the manual under Gain Channel.

    "Once the set-up flight is complete, this function is disabled automatically."

    Can this be disabled? I'd like to keep a flight mode channel and a gain channel assigned, Let me know.




    Today I charged two 2800 batteries and was expected the green color to light up when they were done, but what they did was simply transition from red to off. I have many of these batteries and have never seem this, I always see the green LED when they're done, any thoughts on why this is occurring?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Richard, Alex,

    Could you share these files with me as well? I have two Royal SRS, one which I have been flying with SBUS/PowerBUS and R7008SB RXs. The only issue I've seen is sometimes when I turn the plane on some of the servos do not seem to respond, if I power cycle the system it seems to clear up and they work fine. I'm not sure if this is the same issue others are experiencing or something else, either way, I would like to ensure I minimize any risk, thanks in advance.