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    Hi Rudi,

    Looking forward to getting the update and hopefully it will resolve the issue I have with the iSat as discussed on another thread. Hopefully it will work and I’d be happy to give a positive review as I’m a big user of Bluecom and it’s been fantastic for everything other than what’s mentioned above, fingers crossed.


    I’m not sure what the issue is as ordinarily the Bluecom is a great bit if kit as is all PB goods. My concern is that the isat simply won’t update! And with all due respect you can tell me it works fine your side but for some reason I can’t get it to work. I have always managed to find ways to get things to work as I’m a test engineer by trade and have used PB products for many years mostly without any issues at all particularly around updates. Richard may remember the RPM sensor issue with DA-70 (for me anyway) which was a definite issue!

    I’m just finding it most unusual that the update is not starting - none of the update process for PB products is difficult.

    Like I said I’ll try and borrow a USB cable and see if that works first.

    So I found 2 older mobile phones and both had Android 9 on them, one phone, Samsung S8 the “Start” button for updating on the SAT screen is not even visible as it’s dropped off the bottom of the screen as the text etc is too big. On the other which has a larger screen, the button is just showing (but only just) and still nothing happens. So it not happening even on the older OS as you stated.

    Obviously you would not downgrade you operating system!! - that’s my point.

    Great business model to make people buy new PB products - first time I’ve been disappointed in PB in all the years I’ve used and supported you, hey ho!


    Ok, so it’s Android now, can you please be clear if it’s the Bluecom I need to update (buy a newer one) or is it my phone software (I.e Android version)?

    FYI I am on Android 11

    Hi Rudolf,

    I think you misinterpreted what I said, I only use Bluecom also, what I meant was I connected everything correctly (I.e. wired the Sat to bluecom and battery via “Y” lead etc).

    If my bluecom as you state is not good enough for the iGyro update, that is disappointing as I have to go buy another one, when I already have already bought one in the past!

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks, and yes connected correctly (not a difficult setup) but after “many” attempts nothing happened.

    My bluecom is Android and yes, the older version and would be very disappointed if I have to buy the newer version - that’s not great - I’ll see if I can borrow a USB connector instead.




    I tried to update my iGyro Sat using bluecom (android) and everything was good but it would not start the update. Connections were correct and Bluetooth connected, followed the instructions which are very straight forward, but on connecting the iGyro Sat the update doesn’t happen. I’ve tried all sorts but still the same, no updates happens.

    I don’t have the USB but surely it should update via Bluecom. I don't know what version I have but assume it an early version as its one of the first ones into the UK.

    Any suggestions?


    Having issues with and feedback on my Mercury SRS in 3 models now, I'm not entirely sure at what point it stopped but now I get nothing showing on either the Mercury or back to my Core. See pics

    Its like this on all 3 jets now plus all have been flying for some time now and no changes made other than updates.

    Running latest updates on everything as I aldo keep up to date. Was working before but not sure how long a go.


    I have updated to the latest Terminal on both android phone and on iPad (which I use in workshop), the Android version connects fine to my Royal etc but the iPad version keeps saying adaptor not connected. I checked the Bluetooth on the iPad and all works fine and paired. Not sure why IOS not connecting.

    Have you had this issue before and any suggestions as I prefer iPad as it bigger ??


    Hi Richard,

    I was doing some work close to one of the RX aerials and although I thought it was out of the way managed to slice through one!

    Can we buy replacement aerials, although I have noticed the RXs are wrapped in a sticker - guess would need one of them too as removing it would most likely deform it or break?



    Hi Richard,

    This setup has been the same since I built the model 4 years ago now and only very recently had this issue.

    Its battery related as if I swap the batteries over (A-B or B-A the issue is on the corresponding side.

    If I use my new batteries from my Marchetti then all is good :-)

    Top pic shows 2 good batteries and the lower one shows the older ones - you can see the difference in draw.

    Time to replace them I think.



    Hi Richard,

    Thanks and yes I do get about that out of both of them, the issue is that with one of them the Red LED starts to come on (well on and off depending on load) when just over 1/3 discharged. It’s fine if only slow movements of servos, but as soon as you start moving all quickly, the one red light start to go on and off - hope that makes sense. It’s like the battery can’t take the load anymore.

    I feel I’ll have to replace them.