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    Having issues with and feedback on my Mercury SRS in 3 models now, I'm not entirely sure at what point it stopped but now I get nothing showing on either the Mercury or back to my Core. See pics

    Its like this on all 3 jets now plus all have been flying for some time now and no changes made other than updates.

    Running latest updates on everything as I aldo keep up to date. Was working before but not sure how long a go.


    I have updated to the latest Terminal on both android phone and on iPad (which I use in workshop), the Android version connects fine to my Royal etc but the iPad version keeps saying adaptor not connected. I checked the Bluetooth on the iPad and all works fine and paired. Not sure why IOS not connecting.

    Have you had this issue before and any suggestions as I prefer iPad as it bigger ??


    Hi Richard,

    I was doing some work close to one of the RX aerials and although I thought it was out of the way managed to slice through one!

    Can we buy replacement aerials, although I have noticed the RXs are wrapped in a sticker - guess would need one of them too as removing it would most likely deform it or break?



    Hi Richard,

    This setup has been the same since I built the model 4 years ago now and only very recently had this issue.

    Its battery related as if I swap the batteries over (A-B or B-A the issue is on the corresponding side.

    If I use my new batteries from my Marchetti then all is good :-)

    Top pic shows 2 good batteries and the lower one shows the older ones - you can see the difference in draw.

    Time to replace them I think.



    Hi Richard,

    Thanks and yes I do get about that out of both of them, the issue is that with one of them the Red LED starts to come on (well on and off depending on load) when just over 1/3 discharged. It’s fine if only slow movements of servos, but as soon as you start moving all quickly, the one red light start to go on and off - hope that makes sense. It’s like the battery can’t take the load anymore.

    I feel I’ll have to replace them.



    Hi Guys

    I have 2 older style 2800mah batteries in my Tucano and generally still seem good except one shows higher draw than the other when exercising servos etc. Do you still have the replacement service running for these you had before running where you checked and replaced the cells?

    They are 4 years old now I guess but not had that much use during that time.



    Powerbox products are one of the best modelling products around and the service from them (Richard in particular) IS fantastic, but like EVERYTHING in life faults happen and no guarantees can be given - that said Powerbox do everything they can to prevent this in their products.

    It’s unrealistic to expect 100% guarantee unless you what to pay the earth for the products - but even then............

    I’ve used Powerbox products for a very very long time and only had 1 failure in that period (again as Richard says usually on the ground on startup, which mine was) the only other issue I had they resolved very quickly indeed as it was an edge case - but again would not have had any impact on flying.

    So, the PROBLEM is not the PROBLEM, it’s how it’s resolved that could become the PROBLEM - Powerbox have never made it a problem!

    Hi Richard,

    Connected and registered the PBS-RPM sensor however, it shows 0 RPM when motor is running.

    I've tried moving the sensor wire location but still nothing.

    Is there any way of testing the sensor?


    For info, its connected to a DA-70

    Hi All,

    Good news - So I managed to get it to work today but the sequence was a bit odd.

    • Firstly unplugged the Xicoy Telemetry unit and removed all of its telemetry from the model (left the rest in place), rescanned and then checked all of the allocated addresses for Rx's, Core and PB Mercury.
    • Reallocated only the PB Mercury to address 200 - was originally on 52 (after pressing the X->Y on the Core for the PB Mercury)
    • On the Xicoy unit, changed its protocol from "Powerbox" to HOTT and saved the setting
    • Restarted the Xicoy unit and reset back to "Powerbox"
    • Connected everything to the model again as before and did a RESCAN
    • This time the Xicoy telemetry was there and the address was set to 53

    I did this because at one point early today when trying to figure it out, I clicked on PBR-24D(A) sensor and spotted 5 items down in the VALUE column there was "RPM" (not normally a RX value!). So it got me thinking and the only thing I could come up with was that there was somehow a clash of addresses.

    Either way very happy, I have it working again!!

    Love the CORE :love: , just not sure what happen in this instance..........all is well that ends well :/;):):)