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    Hi Richard,

    Thanks, that's what it did in the end.

    It's a bit strange as I have not had this issue before and I've setup plenty of Royals previously



    I'm having the same issue with direction as I have Aileron A and Elevator A will change direction without any issue, however Aireron B and Elevator B will not.

    All have been allocated to independent channels etc but for some reason the 'B' gyro will not change from reverse to normal etc

    I'm trying to use channel 17 DG1 as an airbrake switch, while everything looks fine on the TX side (18 MX) I'm not getting anything through my royal.

    I'm also using PowerBus for this model.

    I've tried allocating direct 17 & the DS channels but still nothing on the model.

    Channels 1-16 are fine and work as expected but the 2 DG channels don't seem to work.

    Currently have Furaba R6303SB RX

    Can you help as I need all of the 17 channels?